Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 693

Chapter 693 Lier Is My Life

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Li Moying’s speed was extremely fast and within a few breaths, he had already travelled from the rear mountain to the front mountain.

Just as he was preparing to leave the Sect he met with a group of people face on!

“Moying, you’re already came out from closed door cultivation? Myself, your junior brothers and junior sisters are preparing to go to the rear mountain to look for you!”

Hearing this voice, Li Moying frowned slightly but still stopped his tracks.

The person who was approaching was a middle aged man who looked to be in his forties with regular features and fair complexion. He was surrounded with a huge reception and helmed the grace of an expert. There was a beard below his chin and one could tell that he should be an outstanding and handsome man when he was younger.

Li Moying cupped his fist in the other hand as he paid his respects, “Master.”

This person was Li Moying’s Master, the Sect Master of the Sect whom he belonged to, Sect Master Murong!

Murong De was reckoned to be South Sky Region’s first or second best expert and his cultivation had long entered the ninth stage realm!

But the one thing that he was most complacent about was not to become the top exponent in South Sky Region and not that he had gave birth a daughter who was the number one beauty of South Sky Region but. to have taken in such an outstanding talented genius disciple!

“Moying, I had already felt it in the front mountain! Earlier you. had broken through to the seventh stage realm right! You’re just twenty years old and you’ve already broke through to the seventh stage realm! You’re the first person in the history of Soaring Heavens Continent to have done so! Ha ha ha ha! You’re really my disciple!”

Murong De laughed heartily as the surrounding disciples went up to congratulate him one after another.

“Eldest Senior Brother, you’re just so awesome!”

“With Eldest Senior Brother around, our Sect will definitely become the number one power in Soaring Heavens Continent!”

Murong De laughed, “To have broken through another realm so quickly, your cultivation should still be unstable now, so why did you exit your closed door cultivation so soon? There’s still seven days before the tournament so you better use this opportunity to continue cultivating to solidify your power! When it’s time for the tournament, I will hold a magnificent party in your honour and invite all the South Sky Region’s powerful Sects!”

Li Moying creased his brows as he replied, “Master, I’m afraid I cannot continue to stay in closed door cultivation. I have something urgent right now and must immediately make a trip to South Yue Kingdom!”

“What?” Murong De went blank and thought he had heard wrongly, “Return to South Yue Kingdom? Now?”

“That’s right!” Li Moying nodded, “Li’er had met into danger and I had just found out. So I must immediately set off to rescue her! I have to leave now and if I’m able to find her, I will try my best to rush back before the tournament!”

“What’s the meaning of this? There’s only seven days before the tournament starts! You’d just advanced and the Profound Energy in your body is still unstable, and you’re intending to leave the Sect at this juncture? What joke are you making? I’ve never met someone who does such foolish things like you!”

Murong De’s expression turned ugly as he resolutely said these words.

Li Moying’s expression turned chilly and replied in a firm manner, “Master, I understand what you’re saying but Li’er is my life! If anything were to happen to her, then I won’t want to live anymore so I must immediately go and rescue her! As for the tournament, I will try my utmost best to return by then. If I’m not able to. Then treat me as the sinner of the Sect. Anyway, I cannot leave her alone!”


Murong De hasn’t expect Li Moying to shoot back so bluntly and almost couldn’t grasp his breathe!

Although this eldest disciple’s character of his was normally aloof and overbearing but he had always been respectful to his Master and seldom went against his wishes, not to mention to directly reject his requests! This was the first time!