Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 696

Chapter 696 Can Only Depend On Him

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Now that this had happened, would Sect Master Murong still place his trust in him and like him?

Perhaps, Li Moying might even lost the position of Young Sect Master!

In this way, Li Lingchuan might be able to ascend to this position!

Thinking about this, the blue robed disciple opened his mouth again, “Eldest Senior Brother is really unreliable and didn’t even respect you! Master might as well just take him down personally and lock him up! He also doesn’t need to take part in the tournament, just get Second Senior Brother back! Let him know that the Sect will still do well even without him! Second Senior Brother isn’t worse off than him any bit!”

Blue robed disciple said delightfully as he felt he was incisive and knew how to talk well.

These words not only undermined Murong De’s impression of Li Moying, he also unsuspectingly brought out Li Lingchuan, earning Murong De’s appreciation.

Who knew when Murong De heard his words, not only did it not unease his tension, it brought out a “Pa” slap on his face as he flew out!

“Who do you think you are? What do you know? How dare you sprout nonsense here? Get lost now!”

Blue robed disciple struggled to get up as not daring to say a single word, he held his face and ran away with piss in his pants!

Murong De hatefully looked at his leaving silhouette as he was unable to express the unspeakable frustration within his heart.

These insensible disciples, what do they know?

It won’t take more than several years before a genius like Li Moying would become a star in Soaring Heavens Continent. Old fools like them, even though they were the Sect’s Elders now, but by then, all of them could only prostrate on the ground to depend on him!

Right now, it was the Sect which couldn’t lose Li Moying and not the other way round!

If he wanted to leave, Murong De did not dare to stop him!


The sky gradually turned dark.

A knocking sound could be heard from the outside of the room.

Huang Yueli raised her head and asked, “Who’s that?”

“Miss Bai, my Master invites you to the rear garden.”

“Alright, I know.”

Huang Yueli arose from her seat, tidied her clothes and followed the serving maid and left her quarters.

In a blink of an eye, seven days had gone past and today was the last day of Liu Buyan and her agreement.

The injury on her could be said to be a full recovery and she had to admit that Liu Buyan’s medical skills were indeed skilful. Some days ago, she was still lying on the bed on her last breath but now she was jumping about energetically just like before she was injured.

After so many days, she had gotten a degree of understanding on Liu Buyan’s standard routine.

Moreover, a puppet doll ike her only needed to accompany him to eat and drink, and need not be around him daily for twenty four hours.

Generally speaking, Liu Buyan would be in the pill furnace room refining pills during day time and he would be cultivating in the night.

Only during dusk would he ask the serving maid over to accompany him.

During this time, Huang Yueli would wear the puffy sleeved flowing dress which he had prepared for her and put on that jade phoenix hairpin with the rainbow spirit crystal inlaid and obediently run over to the pavilion in the rear courtyard to accompany him for his meal.

During meal time, Liu Buyan would often go into a daze while looking at her.

That gaze of his sometimes made the hairs on Huang Yueli back stood up.

She couldn’t help but guessed that she probably looked alike to the person he liked, which made Liu Buyan keep staring at her. But. why didn’t Liu Buyan just go ahead and woo the lady he liked?

Just based on him, Divine Doctor Liu’s power, looks and financial ability, if he could bring out his sincerity and faithful heart, probably very few ladies would reject him right?