Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 697

Chapter 697 The One Collecting The Debt Is The Boss

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Every single time after they had their meals, Huang Yueli would be filled with puzzlement.

But after thinking about it carefully, these matters wasn’t of concern to her and she only needed to do what she should do.

Besides that, today was the seventh day. After accompanying Liu Buyan to finish the meal tonight, the agreement between them should be completed and both of them not owing one another.

By then, she would have taken the test at Celestial Light Academy, followed by raising her power then going to look for Mu Chengying in Sky Emperor City.

In view that Liu Buyan had completely fallen out with Mu Chengying to the point that even his name could not be mentioned, so she gauged that in future, she would never meet with Liu Buyan ever again!

By the time Huang Yueli had reached the pavilion, Liu Buyan was indeed waiting for her there.

The both of them had their meal as per normal and as Liu Buyan put down his chopsticks, Huang Yueli heaved a sigh of relief.

The pressure on her was slightly heavy over the past seven days, worrying that she might draw up Liu Buyan’s suspicions on her identity of her previous life so she had been extremely cautious when she talked to him.

Even the name she reported was Bai Ruoli.

Finally, she was going to be relieved soon.

However, before she could take another breathe, she heard Liu Buyan asked, “Do you know how to play the zither?”

“Huh? You you’re talking to me?” Huang Yueli went into a blank.

Liu Buyan turned his head back as he frowned slightly, “If I’m not talking to you, then am I talking to air? I don’t have the habit of mumbling to myself!”

“I don’t mean it in this way..”

“No need to explain, I understand.” Liu Buyan stared at her coldly, “Did you feel that after finishing this meal, your task would come to an end and you no longer need to entertain the uncle who is old enough to be your grandfather? I’m telling you, no matter if you’re willing to entertain me or not, anyways, the agreed duration is seven whole days! Tonight any time before midnight, you still have to listen to my commands!”

“I know, I know, why are you so fierce for!” Huang Yueli retorted.

That was why, Pill Masters were all unscrupulous businessmen. Liu Buyan was a classic example of one such person!

There was just a few hours more in the night. Did he need to be so petty, to squeeze out all her value and use her until the very last moment?

She silently cursed him within her heart and had never once considered that if anyone were to say unscrupulous businessmen, ever since an outstanding Armament Master like her was born into this world, outsiders no longer criticised Pill Masters for being money minded, and had all gone to criticise Armament Masters.

Liu Buyan stared at her coldly with a “Proud” word plastered all over his face.

Sigh, the debt collector was forever the boss! And had the authority to request her to do anything!

Huang Yueli heaved another sigh yet again and replied, “I can play a few zither songs but my standard isn’t high at all. So don’t expect any melodious tunes from me..”

“Doesn’t matter, I originally didn’t expect you to have any talent at all!” Liu Buyan replied immodestly.

What the!

Huang Yueli almost exploded!

Although it was for the sake of hiding her identity which made her say such humble words, but did this fellow had to reply so slickly and underestimating others like that?

He really deserved to be punched badly!

Liu Buyan didn’t bother about the blaze in her eyes and casually pointed to one side, saying, “Sit over there and pay me a tune. If your tune wasn’t played properly..”

He lowered his voice with a threatening tone.

Huang Yueli hastily replied, “If I didn’t play properly, then it would be because of your zither and not because of me!”