Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 698

Chapter 698 Phoenix Demands

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“Still dare to deny? Didn’t you agree to satisfy all my demands?” Liu Buyan replied in an unfriendly manner.

Huang Yueli stuck out her tongue and with quick steps, she walked over to the seat that he had pointed to.

After a short while, the serving maids cleared the dinner table, carried a classic zither and placed it in front of Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli’s eyes shone when she saw the classic zither, “Wow this is Sp. Ughh, I mean, this is a really good zither!”

She had recognised it on first instance. This was one of the top ten zithers in Soaring Heavens Continent Sparrow in the Clouds!

But just as she joyously gasp in admiration, she managed to change her reaction in time.

That’s right, the identity that she was playing now was a countryside lass who came from a small nation and if she was able to recognise Sparrow in the Clouds on first sight, then it would be too fake so she had to forcefully change her terminology.

Liu Buyan gave her a curious look but he didn’t give any further thoughts.

He asked, “What tunes do you know?”

Huang Yueli deliberated over her answer, “I don’t know a lot, mostly it’s just classics for example, Three Stanzas of Plum-blossoms, Zen Heart in Cloud and Water, Mountain Stream, Phoenix demands….”

“Play this one!” Liu Buyan cut into her sentence.

“Play which one?” Huang Yueli blinked.

Liu Buyan rolled his eyes at her as he replied, “Stupid, you’re so stupid! I’m asking you to play the tune Phoenix demands!”

She was unfathomably being despised by him again! Why hadn’t she realised this in her previous life that Liu Buyan had such a horrid character? No wonder he didn’t manage to woo the girl that he liked and could only force other people to pretend to be a puppet doll to accompany him!

Huang Yueli pouted as she brought the classic zither closer to her.

Her slender fingers lovingly glazed over the zither’s body and those seven long strands of zither chords.

A classic zither was as pretty as a beauty, it needed to be admired and loved by others. She could tell that this classic zither was maintained very well and from the looks of it, Liu Buyan had spent quite an effort acquiring it.

To be able to play a tune on such a good zither, Huang Yueli was jumping for joy in her heart as her spirits gradually became stern.

She quietened down and concentrated hard as her finger suddenly shook and landed on the zither chord.

A crisp “Zheng” sound was heard as though the black-naped oriole was leaving the valley!

Immediately following that, the rhythm underneath her fingers became faster and faster and a melodious zither sound was played continuously as it lingered around the quiet pavilion.

The tune <> was originally a tear jerker, soul stirring story which was usually hummed or sung in a low tone.

At this current moment, in view of the rising crescent moon, the pavilion seemed to be filled with an ambiguous atmosphere.

Huang Yueli had initially intended to hide her skills but the minute her fingers felt the zither chords, she basically threw the thought of hiding her skills away.

As though it was an ability, the minute she touched the zither chords, she had turned into that previous life’s Number One Zither Master in the Continent!

She involuntarily put in all her heart and soul into this tune, making it into a superb artistic achievement.

Liu Buyan was completely mesmerized and it was only until Huang Yueli stopped when he looked at her in puzzlement, as though he didn’t understand why she suddenly stopped.

Huang Yueli met his gaze and said, “I’ve already completed playing.”

Liu Buyan looked deeply into her eyes, “I really didn’t think that you could play the classic zither? And.”

And her zither techniques were so well versed. Ever since that person died, it had been more than a decade since he heard such a melodious zither sound.

Huang Yueli didn’t understand what he meant so she continued asking, “And what?”