Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 699

Chapter 699 A Secret Hidden Forever

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“Moreover. It is barely audible. I had thought that the tune that you played would result in a wave of noise pollution or maybe even you’re even break the zither chords!”

Praises came to his mouth but had been pushed back forcefully by Liu Buyan.

Unsure of why this was so, every single time he had to converse with this little lass, he just couldn’t help but use his evil tongue style to tease her, as though it would make him miserable if he was not able to do so.

This feeling made him feel relaxed and this sense of relaxation was something that he had not felt even when he was with that person in previously.

In front of that person, he had always felt that she was an almighty goddess. Even though his heart was fully occupied by her, but he didn’t dare to confess even one single word and just kept dragging his feet..

Subsequently, he finally decided to personally carve a Phoenix Jade Hairpin with the Rainbow Spirit Crystal, something which that person was always wanted, inlaid in it for that person’s birthday.

Other people always said this, if that girl was willing to accept the jewellery that he gave her, that meant that she understood his feelings for her!

However, when it was that day, he arrived late because he was entwined by a patient and by the time he had arrived at that person’s place, he only saw Mu Chengying holding her wrist and putting on the bracelet for her personally.

The goddess in his heart gave an overjoyed expression, her pretty dimples showing on her face while she was all smiles as she dove into his best buddy’s embrace.

Ever since then, all his feelings had turned into a secret hidden forever, buried into the deepest corner of his heart.

“Hey, Divine Doctor Liu, Uncle, Granduncle, why are you in a daze, what are you thinking about? Don’t tell me you’re so old that you’ve already became senile?”

The young lady’s lively voice pulled him back from his heart-breaking memories.

Liu Buyan turned his head and saw the devious smile on that young lady’s face as she kept staring at him. And in between her hair was that jade hairpin which he had carved that year but yet never able to give it out..

At that moment, Liu Buyan’s heart was struck heavily by a thought.. which sprouted out uncontrollably from the bottom of his heart!

He was unable to make that person stay, but.. could he make the her, who was right before his eyes, stay?

Huang Yueli didn’t know what he was thinking about. She only noticed that he was in a daze and his expression became uglier and uglier, as though he was about to cry out so she came over to break his thoughts.

She had been considered her own safety as priority and without thinking, she knew that for Liu Buyan, a fellow who loved his pride more than anything, if she were to see himself crying terribly, would he just exterminate her?

She would be released from midnight onwards so she couldn’t possibly destroy that hope at the very last moment!

Liu Buyan looked at her deeply and after while of intense staring, until Huang Yueli’s hair stood up, she subconsciously touched her own face.

“Hey, Uncle, what are you staring at? I know I’m pretty as a flower and everyone loves me when they see me but your age is really too old for me..”

Black lines filled Liu Buyan’s face as he cut into her words, “I say, I asked you to play a tune and you just played one piece only. Are you trying to dismiss me? Where on earth would you find such a convenient thing? Continue playing, until I say stop, you’re not allowed to stop!”

Huang Yueli’s expression turned black immediately, “What? Is there someone who would treat a Zither Master in this way? To play a tune on the classic zither is an art, and not some simple physical work! Do you know this or not? Moreover, after eleven tonight, I’m no longer your puppet doll! After eleven tonight, even if you kneel and beg me, I’m never going to play a tune for you!”