Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 700

Chapter 700 Stay By My Side

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“That’s right, now that you mentioned it, you just reminded me..” Liu Buyan touched his chin as a cunning look was displayed, “Since I only have six hours to enslave you, then all the more I shouldn’t waste it. Just continue playing from now till eleven before you stop! In between this duration, you’re not allowed to stop for even one moment!”

“YYYou..” Huang Yueli’s face turned green completely.

If she really had to play for six hours continuously, then her fingers would probably be all ruined by then!

“What?Didn’t we agree that within this seven days, you must listen to me? Seven days is not up yet? A person.. must be honest and true to one’s words!”

“Hmph, I’ll play. I finally understand the meaning of playing a lute to a cow!”

Huang Yueli mumbled softly, determined that her next tune would be something horrible to the max so that she could make Liu Buyan disgusted till he vomited!

However, when her fingers touched the zither chords, she totally forgot all the grievances that she had earlier and subconsciously started to play properly.

To use Sparrow in the Clouds to make a murdering swine sound would really be wasteful. She couldn’t bear to do so..

Luckily, although Liu Buyan’s words were horrible but his organs weren’t really that black after all and he didn’t make Huang Yueli play non stop.

Intermittently when Huang Yueli played the zither, she also squabbled several times with Liu Buyan and under the starlit sky, this evening went past quietly.

The time slowly passed…

When the time was up, Huang Yueli silently put down the zither in her hands and stood up.

“Divine Doctor Liu, the agreed time is up. These few days, I’ve been deeply been cared for by you. I will never forget your kindness for saving me! However, the agreement to accompany you has now come to an end. By dawn tomorrow, I shall leave this place and set off to Sky Cloud City.”

Liu Buyan looked at her slightly hazy but enchanting face under the stars as his gaze set in deeply.

“Are you in such a hurry to leave? The agreed time had just past and you don’t even wish to stay for one more day?”

Huang Yueli didn’t expect him to ask such a question and curiously replied, “Didn’t I explain this to you seven days earlier? I have to hurry to Sky Cloud City to join in the enrolment examinations. This matter must absolutely not be delayed so I must leave!”

Liu Buyan replied, “Really? What’s so great about the enrolment examinations? Isn’t it held by just those few academies by those broken small Sects, so what’s so great about it? If you want to learn Profound Skills, with my one word, I will be able to send you to the top Sect in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent and guarantee that you will become a direct disciple that the Sect would expend all their effort in grooming!”

When Liu Buyan said these, his face was filled with arrogance.

Huang Yueli didn’t doubt one bit that he was able to do so, but..

“Please, I’m a nobody to you so why would you want to recommend me? You’ve already bent your rules to treat my illness and I’m already overjoyed by that! So please stop spouting nonsense, otherwise I may take it for real!”

Huang Yueli gazed one look and snapped at him before she turned around, preparing to return to her room.

However, just as she was about to move off, suddenly her wrist was tightly held on by someone as she was pulled backwards.

She lost her balance and fell into the man’s embrace.

“What if I tell you that everything I said was the truth? Lass, if you’re willing to continue and accompany me, I’ll do what I said earlier and send you to the top Sect in Soaring Heavens Continent! I know you’re a smart girl so you should know what choice is most advantageous for you right?”