Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 701

Chapter 701 Li Moyings Seven Days And Seven Nights

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“What happened? Don’t tell me you still haven’t found her?”

A icy cold voice rang in one of the superior rooms of a guesthouse.

A line of Shadow Guards bent their heads and bowed in front of Li Moying, wishing that they could directly bury their heads into the ground!

“Seven days, it’s been an entire seven days! You can’t even find one person! She’s just a second stage realm lass who is heavily injured, so she can’t possibly walk too far away. But even though it’s like this, you’re still unable to find anyone. What do I still need you bunch of trash for??”

Li Moying clenched his teeth as every single word hissed out from the gaps between his teeth!

His eyes were bloodshot with obvious dark eye rings. His usually peerlessly handsome face became haggard. A sparse beard stubble formed on the corners of his upper lips and his dishevelled hair hung on the sides of his face, adding some tones of despondency.

The Shadow Guards kept quiet out of fear as no one dared to make even a squeak sound.

Amongst them, the only one who was able to converse in front of Li Moying would be Mo Yi.

But as Mo Yi was the one who had committed the wrongdoing. His head was already hanging by his waist so no one else dared to advise Li Moying.

“All of you, go out and continue searching! If you’re not able to find her, don’t even bother coming back! Scram!!”

As though they were given amnesty, the Shadow Guards ran off one after another.

Li Moying sat disappointedly on the chair as his thick brows arched together tightly, his heart was in a state of chaos!

Seven days ago, he didn’t bother about Murong De’s obstruction and immediately left the Sect with an anxious heart. He used the fastest flying ship he could find and the entire journey only took less than two days before he reached his destination.

He searched along the way and very quickly, he found Cai Wei and the rest who were recuperating in the medical clinic of a small town.

From Cai Wei’s description, Li Moying found out the truth about Huang Yueli being ambushed.

Even though he already had a bad premonition in his heart, but when he heard with his own ears on the truth that Cai Wei told, it was enough to make Li Moying’s head split as tremors of pain gushed up, making him unable to hold up!

So it had really been carefully planned by someone to lure Mo Yi away and taking action against his beloved woman!

Cai Wei was not eloquent but even so, the happenings had been described to be such a hair-raising experience, so it was imaginable on how thrilling and dangerous the actual situation had been!

For just one moment, Li Moying felt that his heart was almost pieced through by a thousand arrows.

However, Cai Wei’s words gave him yet another sliver of hope.

“Although that killer was very powerful, but our Young Miss reacted swiftly and made used of the surroundings to obstruct him! Subsequently, Young Miss escaped into the forest and the killer also took chase. I saw the forest burst into flames as though they had engaged into a battle but after that. the both of them did not leave the forest. I feel that Young Miss is so smart, and so powerful, so maybe she’s not dead yet..”

Upon hearing this, Li Moying’s dull eyes seemed to have lit up a little.

That’s right, his Li’er was so smart and so powerful, how would she just give her life away so easily?

Even though the opponent she was up against was several realms ahead of her, but she would surely have a way and she would surely be waiting for him to save her!

From that day onwards, Li Moying gathered all of his Shadow Guards and organised all the men who he could move and made them search around the surroundings of the crime scene.

For exactly seven days and seven nights, he had not shut his eyes, not taken any food and purely swallowing some Abstinence Pills to get through the days, worried that he might miss any news regarding Huang Yueli.

Yet, Huang Yueli seemed to have vanished in thin air as her existence had completely disappeared.