Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 704

Chapter 704 Why Was He. Always Unable To?

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Bright red blood spilled out from the corners of his pale white lips, and flowed down from his perfectly sculpted jawline, gloomily cold yet strange.

Li Moying’s body shivered and was about to collapse.


“Senior Brother!”

Luo Jiyun and Mo Yi rushed over to support him.

However, Li Moying’s eyes flashed a cold glint as he pushed them aside, “Go away!”

A powerful Qi gushed out and the decoration in the entire room turned into powder within an instance! And the two people, Mo Yi and Luo Jiyun, who rushed to the front were sent flying by the Profound Energy as they flew past layers of walls and fell out of the guesthouse.

Li Moying swept his hand and the entire building was on the verge of collapse.

The guesthouse had turned into a mess instantly and various screams and crying could be heard as everyone’s first reaction was to escape outwards!

Luo Jiyun threw up blood from the attack as several ribs on his chest were broken.

With great difficulty, he struggled to get up and before he was unable to stand properly, he heard a loud “Boom”!

The three storey guesthouse had completely been demolished.

And in that pile of ruins stood a figure dressed in a dark black robe, slowly approaching them.

Luo Jiyun raised his head and on one look, his entire body turned cold as he called out.

“Senior.. Brother..”

Li Moying had walked right out of the ruins with a layer of frost in his eyes. His eyes had turned bright red, as though blood was going to spill out!

Fluctuations of an extremely powerful Profound Energy was emitted from him and even though there was some distance away, they could clearly felt that this overbearing strength was enough to destroy the world. A powerful pressure, like a tall mountain pressed down on each and every one’s head.

The fluctuations from his Profound Energy. Had impressively been raised and reached the peak of ninth stage realm!

Mo Yi raised his head and was completely shocked by what he saw. Li Moying’s eyes revealed a bloodthirsty and emotionless chilly glare, as though..

“Surely Master’s illness. couldn’t have flared up now?”

At this moment in time, Li Moying couldn’t feel anyone’s vision and even though Luo Jiyun and Mo Yi were not far away from him, he had not noticed them totally.

In his heart, there was only one thought and that was. he was not able to protect his beloved woman!


He couldn’t understand why was it again and was feeling frustration rushed in madly, bloating his brain up as though it was about to explode!

In the bright red vision, he saw many flashbacks.

In the ice fields which were enveloped in that never ending icy coldness was a petite figure surrounded by several top exponents.

He anxiously chased after them, chasing and chasing but no matter how he tried, he was not able to chase up to them. He only saw a blinding flame shoot up into the sky and under the flames, that young lady’s figure melted away and disintegrated ..

In the haze, he seemed to noticed the lady’s face and it was layered over his Li’er’s looks.

Why? Why was he. always unable to protect his own woman?

Even though he had such outstanding talent and held such power, but. in the end, he was never able to protect the thing that he wanted to protect the most!

Li Moying’s senses slowly blurred and all his consciousness were enveloped by that hate and regret.

He unconsciously took a step forward, and yet another step.

The Amethyst Light Sword in his hand had been drawn, as though he wanted to kill those people surrounding his Li’er, sword by sword, as though he wanted to split their lives apart!