Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 705

Chapter 705 Living Hell

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Following Li Moying’s unconscious movements, an extremely powerful Profound Energy swirled in the sky wilfully.

The minute he lost his consciousness, his cultivation had instantly raised to the peak of ninth stage realm, so every single strike he threw out held incomparable explosive grandeur, like a hot knife through butter, pressing forward!

Every single place his strike hit, all the obstructions were swept to a naught!

The surrounding homes were completely demolished by him as the bricks formed a rubble on the ground.

The townspeople were shocked as they cried while escaping in different directions.

The usually serene town had instantly turned into a living hell!

However, Li Moying didn’t seem to have any intention of stopped, as the murderous glint in his eyes flourished and with a sinister expression on his face, he continued moving forward!

Luo Jiyun stared at him shockingly with his eyes wide as he broke out in sweat, unbelievably uttering, “Th this can’t be true right? Senior Brother he his illness acted up?”

“Judging from the surrounding grandeur from Master’s surroundings, he had already reached the peak of ninth stage realm! Moreover, he has completely lost conscious and unable to recognise us, so his. illness probably acted up!” Mo Yi was also shocked beyond his imagination but he was still able to remain composed.

Luo Jiyun was still unable to believe it, “But but today is not the night of a full moon! Senior Brother he had never had his illness act up on other days!”

Mo Yi’s face turned grave as his brows knitted closely, “It didn’t happen in the past doesn’t mean it won’t happen in future! Young Master Luo, do you remember what Divine Doctor Liu said when he came over the previous time to treat Master?”

Luo Jiyun’s eyebrows lifted as he tried to recalled and his expression suddenly changed!

“You mean to say..”

Mo Yi nodded gravely as the both of them saw a deep worry in each other’s eyes!

At this moment, a shrilling cry was heard from afar, pulling their senses back.

“That’s it, we’re finished, what should we do now! Senior Brother’s illness actually acted up now! We aren’t prepared at all! What should we do?” Luo Jiyun was as anxious as an ant on a hotpot, except that he didn’t turn around in circles.

Mo Yi said, “We’re not able to control the current situation! Everytime Master’s illness acts up, he must take the medication first. Otherwise we will require several of the Sect’s Elders who are in ninth stage realm to take action together before we can surround him in an isolated boundary to stop him from going on a killing spree. But now, there’s only two of us here and we’re obviously unable to stop Master!”

Luo Jiyun hurriedly added, “What shall we do! The last time Senior Brother’s illness acted up, luckily we were in the Dark Moon Forest. Killing a few magical beasts were nothing at all. But now this town was filled with ordinary people who were not able to cultivate! If Senior Brother were to kill them by mistake, when he regains his conscious, he would blame himself to death!”

To kill the innocent and even to massacre the entire town, those with morals would definitely not be able to do such a thing!

And Li Moying was not such a person!

Mo Yi was calmer and after thinking for a while, he clenched his teeth.

“We have no choice! Let’s do it this way, we’ll try to think of ways to attract Master’s attention and lure him away! At least we have to make him leave the town’s boundary to the empty land outside! This way is much better than letting him stay here to kill someone!”

Luo Jiyun nodded instantly. “Great, let’s do it this way then! We’ll stand on both sides and when the other is almost caught, the other will be in charge of distracting him!”