Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 706

Chapter 706 Sister In Law How Did You Come Back To Life?

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The both of them had discussed for a short amount of time and based on the current situation, there was no time to let them hesitate.

The both of them instantly took action.

However, they quickly realised a problem and that was, Li Moying was totally not affected by their distraction. The fact that their potential as a fifth stage realm practitioner, in front of Li Moying’s absolute power, was simply not enough!

Mo Yi took action first and struck an attack towards Li Moying. However before his flexible sword could even reach ten meters around Li Moying’s surroundings, he was completely thrown out!

And Li Moying’s line of vision had not changed a single bit!

Luo Jiyun flew forward as he caught Mo Yi, “Brother Mo Yi, what happened to you?”

Mo Yi coughed out a mouthful of blood as his face turned pale like a sheet of paper, “I. I’m alright but Master he he’s simply too strong! We are unable to go near him at all. Th what should we do?”


Luo Jiyun had no more ideas and as both of them’s face showed a despaired look as they could only watch Li Moying’s silhouette going further and further away.

Just at this moment, from not too far away suddenly came a familiar voice.

“Why is it so messy here? And why are there so many people running about… Eh? Brother Mo Yi, Junior Brother Luo, what are you guys doing here?”

A crisp, melodious voice with deep puzzlement from a young lady was heard.

When they heard this voice, Mo Yi and Luo Jiyun seemed to be struck by lightning as their faces revealed a lifeless expression, their bodies seemed to be glued to the ground, not moving at all.

“Brother Mo Yi? Junior Brother Luo?” The young lady curiously stared at them as she walked over with quick steps and faced them.

“Hey, what are you guys doing? And why is it so messy here, as though a typhoon had ran over! Don’t tell me Magical Beasts had invaded this place? Hey, why are you guys ignoring me? We’ve not met for just over a month and you don’t recognise me anymore?”

Huang Yueli’s face was filled with puzzlement, only feeling that the two of them looked like they had just seem a ghost and their hearts filled with astonishment.

She subconsciously touched her own face.

Weird, why were they looking at her like that, as though they didn’t know her? Could it be that her face was disfigured?

But surely not right? That day when she was pursued by Zuo Fangping, her face was indeed filled with some injuries but after applying Liu Buyan’s medication, the wounds had completely healed, not even leaving any scars!

Just at this moment, Luo Jiyun finally regained his senses.

Using his finger to point at Huang Yueli’s nose, his mouth opened wide and called in a tongue tied manner, “Y You. are Sis. Sister-in-law..”

A “Pa” sound was heard as Huang Yueli slapped his finger away, saying in a dissatisfied tone, “No manners! Haven’t your Master ever taught you this? Pointing at someone in this way is a serious lack of upbringing!”

Even though Luo Jiyun was lectured by her, he was not angry at all. Instead, he screamed an “Ah” sound as he used his hand to pinch his own thigh.

“Heavens, I’m really not dreaming! Ouch, so painful! No wonder I’m not dreaming, so this is real? Sister-in law, Sister-in law, you’ve really returned to life! You’re not dead?”

Mo Yi was also in a state of shock and joy, almost crying out.

“Third Miss, you you’re really not dead. Really, Young Master Luo, I also saw.”

Luo Jiyun screamed, “No, no! Although Sister-in law is back, but it doesn’t mean she’s not dead, she could be a spirit! Tell us, are you human or ghost? I must check properly!”