Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 707

Chapter 707 Human Or Ghost?

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Saying that, Luo Jiyun reached out his hand towards Huang Yueli’s face to pinch her.

Huang Yueli hurriedly moved aside as she said in a dissatisfied tone, “What ghost or not ghost? Who’s dead? Don’t you dare curse me, I’m warning you!”

Saying that, she suddenly realised what they meant and after a moment of daze, her eyes widened as she spoke, “Wait a minute, you guys thought I was dead? What’s the situation now, how did you guys find out that I was almost killed? That’s right, aren’t you all accompanying Li Moying in the Sect in closed door cultivation? Why are you guy here now?”

Mo Yi replied, “This Third Miss, this matter.. cannot be explained so easily! It’s good that you’re alright. As for the intricate details, I’ll explain to you after a while. Now. there’s something pressing that you need to do, please follow me now!”

Luo Jiyun was still unable to overlook this as he continued questioning, “Sister-in-law, are you human or ghost? Could it be that you cannot bear to leave Senior Brother alone and purposely returned as a spirit form to see him?”

Huang Yueli was left speechless as she pointed to her feet and said, “Do you see my shadow below my feet?” Pointing to the top of her head, “Do you see the scorching sun above? Have you ever met any ghost who has a shadow and which ghost dared to come out onto the streets under such a scorching bright afternoon?”

Luo Jiyun dumbly replied, “In this case, you’re a living human?”

“Do you even need to ask!”

Mo Yi was already losing his patience listening by the side and he tugged Huang Yueli’s sleeve, pulling her along while running.

“Alright, Young Master Luo, please do us some good and stop acting like this! What time is it now? Can you stop stirring up trouble? Third Miss, please hurry and follow me this way!”

A fifth stage realm practitioner’s speed was naturally much faster.

Huang Yueli was tugged along until she stumbled and almost fell.

“Brother Mo Yi, what’s the hurry? And where are you bringing me to? Did you come over with Li Moying this round? Is he nearb…”

Mo Yi led her to a turn and his footsteps slowed down as Huang Yueli also came to a halt.

Raising her head, she was shocked by the image she saw. Even the words that she had said halfway were swallowed back!

Moments later, she shockingly said, “Th This is Li Moying! He.. looking at him, don’t tell me his illness acted up again?”

Mo Yi replied, Yes, Master has already lost his conscious and had been destroyed the surrounding structures, we’re totally unable to stop him!”

Huang Yueli muttered, “How did it become like this? Hadn’t he always been in the Sect? How did he appear here? Moreover, today is not full moon’s night, and it’s bright daylight now! How did his illness suddenly act up?”

Luo Jiyun couldn’t keep it in as he shouted loudly, “Sister-in-law, you don’t know. Brother Mo Yi was not recalled by his Master, but had been tricked by bad people! Eldest Senior Brother met Brother Mo Yi and knew you were in danger. So without caring about Master’s obstruction, he insisted on leaving the Sect before the tournament to come here and save you!”

“In the end, he searched for seven days and nights but was unable to trace your existence at all! This morning we found the killer who tried to assassinate you but he said you were already dead and your corpse was devoured by Magical Beasts! Eldest Senior Brother was enraged and and he became like this!”

“What??” Huang Yueli’s eyes turned wide, totally unable to speak as a scorching warm sensation gushed up her head, “He he left the Sect at such a critical juncture, just to come and. save me?”