Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 708

Chapter 708 Only You Can Save Him

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“That’s right, Senior Brother he..”

Luo Jiyun wanted to continued talking but was interrupted by Mo Yi.

“Enough, we can talk about these later on. The most important thing now is to hurry and stop Master from killing! Master hasn’t had a shut-eye for seven days and nightsand if he forcefully raises his cultivation to go on a massacre, I’m afraid his cultivation might regress!”

Luo Jiyun shut his mouth immediately and nodding furiously, he turned towards Huang Yueli and said, “Sister-in-law, we were still in a dilemma on what to do but luckily you came along! Now, only you can save Senior Brother!”

Huang Yueli felt extremely shocked at this moment!

She really didn’t expect Li Moying to suddenly appear here and he had been here since seven days ago. Just to search for her, he hadn’t rest at all and because he thought that she had passed away, he was agitated until his illness acted up on the spot!

So actually, it turned out that in the past few days when she thought she could only struggle and rely on herself for survival, but this man.. had never forgotten about her for a single moment!

Hearing Luo Jiyun’s plea, she nodded immediately, “Ok, I’ll go try. You guys wait here!”

Saying that, with big strides, she marched towards where Li Moying was.

Mo Yi shouted to remind her, “Third Miss, you must take caution on your safety. If you can’t manage to stop him, you must retreat immediately!”

However, Huang Yueli was not able to hear any sounds from the outside world now.

Her line of vision had completely been attracted by the man in front of her and all her concentration had been deprived by him completed!

A dark robed Li Moying, emitting unexcelled power around him, used his cold, bloodthirsty glare and stood up high up on the ground looking at everyone as though they were ants beneath his feet!

Using a disdainful look from the corner of his eye and turning his nose up at everyone!

His appearance was so icy cold, so ruthless, but when that blood red eyes swept past her face, it made Huang Yueli shudder!

The flawless facial lines had perfectly sculpted facial features, diagonally slanted brows, cold and aloof thin lips. everything about him carried an air of might which could not be overlooked, making everyone unable to control themselves to acknowledge allegiance to him.

Huang Yueli walked slowly towards him, as though she was enchanted.

And when Li Moying realised that Huang Yueli was nearing him, he put down the sword in his hand.

He turned around, quietly paying attention to that young lady in front of his eyes, watching her take one step at a time getting closer and closer to him. That icy cold deep eyes displayed no feelings and his face had no expression at all.

Even though he had already put away his stance, but the Profound Energy that was emitting naturally from Li Moying’s body was still very strong.

The nearer one was to him, the strong the pressure.

Even if it was a eight stage realm practitioner, he would not be able to take it much longer at this point of time.

But Huang Yueli was still getting closer!

It’s not that she had not felt that tremendous pressure and not that she didn’t notice the impact and injuries on her body!

But it was a kind of strength which completed controlled her conscious, attracting her uncontrollably towards him. She could only continue to get nearer and near to him!

When the distance between the two of them were only two meters, Huang Yueli suddenly felt her brain “buzz”!

Her entire soul was on fire and was in immense pain!

Her vision turned back and her legs went soft, almost falling onto the ground.

But at the very next moment, she felt her waist tightened and a gust of power was felt pushing her to fall forward as her body weight crashed against the robust chest of a man!

Immediately following that, her breathe was completely plundered from her!