Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 709

Chapter 709 Do You Know How Frightened I Was?

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The minute their lips met, Huang Yueli’s conscious turned even blurry.

This kiss was exceptionally scorching. It carried an overbearing sense of determination to win and had a kind of reckless and impatient heat, as though it was going to swallop her completely.

She knew this was not right because she had someone in her heart and Li Moying was just a visitor in her life.

However, she had no strength and had no way to go against this man’s advancement!

All of her soul from each corner were clamouring to her to go nearer to him, give in to him and accept him!

In this man’s embrace, she turned into a puddle of water. Without his support, she didn’t even have the strength to stand properly, as though she was about to blend into this man’s body.

This kiss… lasted for very, very long.

From the overbearing advancement initially to the gentle lingering towards the end, who knew how long it lasted for.

When Huang Yueli’s lips were finally released, she almost fainted in Li Moying’s embrace as she raised her head and opened her eyes slightly to look at the man in front of her.

Li Moying’s blood red pupils had regained normalcy and his icy cold facial lines had turned softer.

“Li’er, Li’er. You’re really not dead, you’re still alive..”

He muttered softly and his arms tightened to bring her into his embrace, with quite an amount of strength.

His strong, robust arms were hooked around Huang Yueli’s waist, as though iron bars, totally unshakable.

Huang Yueli was bound till she felt pain and her expression had turned slightly green, “Damn it, Li.. Li Moying, let me go, let me go! Can you be gentler I can’t breathe!”

The arms around her waist loosened slightly but didn’t let her go.

Li Moying buried his head on her neck and rubbing against it as his hot breathing blew against her sensitive neck repeatedly, making her feel uncomfortable, subconsciously withdrawing her shoulder.

“Li’er, you’re really alive, you are really. alive. did you know how frightened I was? I’m afraid I am not able to protect you, and have to see you die in front of my own eyes again! Even your bones are not left!”


Huang Yueli felt this word seemed a little weird but before she could think deeper, her attention was diverted.

Because Li Moying’s voice sounded like it was trembling and it held obvious signs of choking. Surely he wasn’t about to cry right?

“You Li Moying, are you alright?” She hurriedly asked.

“I’m alright.” Li Moying was still lying against her neck, refusing to raise up his head, “As long as you’re alive, I’ll be alright.”

“You haven’t slept in seven days and seven nights, and you call that alright! I know you’re strong but you cannot neglect your own body like that! Look at me, aren’t I in one piece? Can’t you trust me to take care of myself?”

“I believe!” Li Moying cried out softly, “But you’re still not grown up yet. Moreover, I’m your man, so protecting you. is my responsibility!”

Huang Yueli was stunned momentarily, wanted to say that you’re not my man.

But after what happened earlier, when she recalled all the things that this man had done for her, the words of rebuttal were stuck in her throat, unable to speak it out.

The two of them hugged each other for a while more and not long after, Li Moying’s body suddenly started to shudder before he suddenly KO-ed and leaned entirely towards Huang Yueli’s body.