Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 710

Chapter 710 Today Is Not Full Moons Night 1

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Huang Yueli hurriedly caught hold of him and saw that Li Moying’s eyes were shut tightly. Apparently he had lost consciousness.

Luo Jiyun and Mo Yi hurried over too and took over Li Moying from her.

“Master’s knocked out cold. These few days he didn’t rest at all and his illness acted up today. If it hadn’t been for the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror that Third Miss you refined, he might not have been able to hold on for that long.”

Huang Yueli nodded as she was slightly embarrassed to look at Mo Yi and the rest.

After all, she and Li Moying had just displayed a passionate scene in front of them. And now if she were to just purse her lips slightly, she would be able to feel the pain that her lips were in, so apparently, it was swollen.

The previous guesthouse naturally was not fit for staying anymore.

Mo Yi and the other Shadow Guards made a stretched and with great effort, they finally found a not too bad guesthouse in the town and carried him inside.

The townspeople were long frightened out of their wits and no one dared to go near them. All the townspeople looked at them from a great distance, standing in awe of them that group of people were doing.

Huang Yueli was extremely anxious as well so she followed them in.

For an entire night, Li Moying drowsed while he was unconscious and had not woken up at all. As for Huang Yueli, she stayed by his bedside, worries filled her anxious face as she looked at his pale white handsome face.

That long lashes hung down, casting a shadow beneath his eyes. The corners of his lips had a light purple colour and that still and weak look was totally different from his usually overbearing ways. Accompanied with that extreme handsome looks, he looked especially pitiful.

Huang Yueli touched his forehead and felt that he was cold as ice, ringing alarms in her heart.

In normal circumstances, when one’s body is injured, fever and body heatiness was considered normal. Even if the fever was really high, it would eventually go away.

But if a body was constantly cold, that would be dire. There was a possibility of serious internal injury or some other dangers.

Huang Yueli stood up to put the blanket on for Li Moying before turning towards the door.

When she opened the door, several Shadow Guards stood in two lines and bowed in respect to her.

“Third Miss!”

The attitude of the Shadow Guards were especially respectful.

She nodded and asked, “Where is Mo Yi? I need to ask him something so please take good care of your Master.”

Shadow Guards displayed their loyalty in haste, “Third Miss please be assured that we will take good care of Master! Protector Mo Yi is in the next room, let me show you the way..”

Without hesitation, the Shadow Guards executed Huang Yueli’s order.

All of them had heard from Mo Yi on Huang Yueli’s status and knew that this seemingly petite and weak young lady was their future Mistress, the person whom their Master wanted to protect with his life!

In the next room, Mo Yi and Luo Jiyun were sitting opposite one another with a deep hinge of worry casting over their faces.

“I went over to Senior Brother’s room to take a look and his facial colour is still not very well. Looks like this round’s acting up is detrimental to his body! We don’t know when he will be able to regain his conscious.”

Mo Yi replied, “I really didn’t expect that Third Miss’s disappearance would agitate Master so much that it actually caused his illness to act up immediately. Today’s not even full moon’s night!”

Luo Jiyun frowned when he heard that, “That’s right. There’s something weird going on. Why did Eldest Senior Brother’s illness act up when it’s not even a full moon’s night? This had never happened in the past!”

Mo Yi’s expression turned grave, “Young Master Luo, have you forgotten what Divine Doctor Liu said when he came over to give treatment to Master that time?”