Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 711

Chapter 711 Today Is Not Full Moons Night 2

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“Divine Doctor Liu? What did he say?” Luo Jiyun asked puzzledly.

But before Mo Yi could reply, he suddenly recalled and cried out in shock, “Ah, I remember now. You mean to say, to say..”

Under Luo Jiyun’s intense sight, Mo Yi slowly nodded.

“Heavens, how could it be? Why would such a thing happen? Could there be a misdiagnosis?” Luo Jiyun cried out unbelievably.

Mo Yi’s tone turned dull as he continued, “I also don’t believe in such a matter but Divine Doctor Liu is the Continent’s Number one Divine Doctor and this is a diagnosis that he came out with, so how could it be wrong? Right now, this had really happened and we don’t know after Master wakes up, how would he become..”

The both of them exchanged glances as they saw the worry in each other’s eyes.

Just at this moment, the room door was opened with a “Bang”.

Huang Yueli walked in with big steps and asked, “What are you talking about? Is there any problem with Li Moying’s illness? And you guys were talking about Divine Doctor Liu? Are you referring to Liu Buyan?”

Both of them were shocked as they stood up from their chairs.

“Ah, Third Miss, why are you here!”

“Yes, Sister-in-law, aren’t you taking care of Senior Brother? Has he awoken?”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “He’s still unconscious and sleeping but his body temperature keeps getting lower and lower. I’m worried about his condition so I’m here to discuss with you guys. What were you discussing about? What did Liu Buyan saw about his condition?”

Mo Yi looked as here and hesitated.

Luo Jiyun directly said everything out, “Sister-in-law, that year when Divine Doctor Liu gave treatment to Senior Brother, he had specially reminded that Eldest Senior Brother cannot be agitated. He said, under normal circumstances under full moon’s effect, Eldest Senior Brother’s illness should be controllable under the medication. But if he was agitated and his illness acted up outside full moon’s night, that would mean…”

“That would mean what?” Huang Yueli asked anxiously.

Luo Jiyun pursed his lips, “That would mean Senior Brother’s illness has worsened! It might even cause danger to his life! And when the frequency of acting up increases, he would be very difficult to cure!”

“WHAT?!” Huang Yueli’s eyes widened with shock, standing in a daze.

She had never expected that Li Moying’s illness this round would have such dire consequences.

And the reason for the his illness to flare up was because of her accidental disappearance which possibly meant she was killed by someone!

In actual fact, both of them had only knew each other for only two months.

Huang Yueli had thought that even if Li Moying had real feelings for her, it might just be the beginning and this heart-throbbing feeling was still very slight. As long as the both of them are apart for quite some time, it would disappear with time naturally.

But she had not expected that both of them were only apart for just a month and not only did the feeling not lessen, instead it had deepened.

Li Moying heard about her mishap and rushed over without any hesitation just to rescue her!

Huang Yueli received his swan goose letters and naturally knew that the tournament with the West Sky Regions’ Sects was extremely important to his Sect and knew that Li Moying had great gratitude towards his Teacher. He had always wanted to repay Murong De.

But now, because of her, this man didn’t care about anything else!