Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 712

Chapter 712 Today Is Not Full Moons Night 3

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The fact that Li Moying rushed over to save her made her extremely touched but what shocked her was that he actually lose control of his illness because of her.

This showed the influence that she had over this man was much stronger than anyone else, and it would directly string along all of his emotions..

Moreover, this made Huang Yueli even guiltier.

Originally, Li Moying’s illness which acted up once a month was already under control for many years under Liu Buyan’s medication. It had not caused any fatal injuries to his body and his cultivation had improved by leaps and bounds.

If Li Moying’s condition had worsened because of her, he might even die while in his prime

Every single time Huang Yueli’s mind flashed past these thoughts, she would feel a painful sensation in her heart, so painful that she could not help but bend over.

Mo Yi called out, “Young Master Luo, don’t….”

Without Li Moying’s permission, Mo Yi really didn’t dare to utter such thing in front of Huang Yueli.

But Luo Jiyun didn’t bother and just told her the cause and effect.

“Divine Doctor Liu said the problem with Senior Brother’s unstable soul was inborn and he could only control it, but not possibly heal it completely. So we must be extremely careful not to let it worsen. As long as his illness acts up outside of full moon’s night, that would mean that his soul had weakened again! Then the difficulty of controlling it would increase and his condition might just worsened all the way!”

The more Huang Yueli heard, the more alarmed she felt.

She pondered for a moment and suddenly stood up.

“I have to go out for a moment. The both of you stay here and take good care of Li Moying!”

The two men went into a blank, “Where are you off to? It’s so late and the sky is already dark!”

Huang Yueli replied, “I think you guys don’t know this. Liu Buyan is staying in seclusion nearby. From the town we are in, it only takes around ten miles of distance!”

“What? Sister-in-law, how do you know?”

Huang Yueli replied, “To tell the truth, when I was pursued a few days ago and almost lose my life, an expert saved me. Subsequently I found out that this expert is Liu Buyan! Divine Doctor Liu had kindly offered shelter to me and healed my injuries, which was why I was delayed for such a long time.”

“Divine Doctor Liu saved you?” The puzzlement on Luo Jiyun’s faces gradually faded away and immediately following that, he let out an overjoyed expression, “So Divine Doctor Liu was actually staying in seclusion in such a remote place. No wonder we were not able to find him these few years! That’s great, let’s hurry and look for him now!”

Saying that, he turned his head and said, “Sister-in-law, where does Divine Doctor Liu stay? I’ll go instead, the night is so late already and a young lady like you better not be running out at this timing!”

Huang Yueli frowned and said, “No, when I left, Divine Doctor Liu had reminded me that I absolutely cannot leak out the whereabouts of his home! So I must look for him personally and moreover.. only I can go alone! All of you better stay here!”

“What? How can we do that?” Luo Jiyun subconsciously stopped her.

“That’s right, Third Miss. If you go out at this timing and if anything were to happen to you, what am I supposed to tell Mater? At least, let me accompany you?” Mo Yi said.

But Huang Yueli’s attitude was extremely resolute, “What? Don’t all of you want Li Moying’s life already? Now only Liu Buyan could possibly save him! If you follow me and anger him, then he won’t help to treat your Master, then what should we do?”