Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 713

Chapter 713 Today Is Not Full Moons Night 4

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Huang Yueli brought out Li Moying so Mo Yi and Luo Jiyun was rendered speechless.

No one dared to treat Li Moying’s health as a joke!

So even though they were not willing to, they were forced to see Huang Yueli slipping out into the middle of the night.

Huang Yueli was not too concerned about her own safety. After all, she was not a weak young lady and without Zuo Fangping that kind of expert spying on her, normal dangers would not be able to threaten her one bit.

Very quickly, she found her way to Liu Buyan’s secluded courtyard based on her memory.

In actual fact, the boundary of this courtyard was installed with several high levelled invisible arrays.

Without the lead from the courtyard’s servants, it was impossible to enter the courtyard based on their own ability, or even to see such a place from the forest. From afar, one would only be able to see a serene and weird forest at where the courtyard was located.

Obviously, this was a piece of cake to Huang Yueli.

She ran like she was flying and passing several obstacles, she reached the doorway of the courtyard.

When the guard saw her, his eyes almost dropped out.

“Th This, Miss Bai, how did you? How did you make your way here?”

Huang Yueli replied, “We can talk about this some other time. Stop fussing, is Liu Buyan in the Pill furnace room? I need to see him now, I have a very important matter!”

“Ah? But… Master he..”

Before the guard could finish talking, Huang Yueli had already went past him and directly walked in to look for Liu Buyan!

Pill furnace room, not there! Study room, not there! Pavilion, not there!

Even Liu Buyan’s bedroom, Huang Yueli also didn’t care to avoid suspicion and ran inside to take a look before discovering that there was no one there.

“Liu Buyan! Where did you run off to! Come out this instance!” She started yelling.

No one responded.

Huang Yueli called out yet again, “Hey Liu Buyan, Uncle Liu, Divine Doctor Liu! Where on earth are you hiding? Quickly come out! Didn’t you say I can look for you anytime and you welcome me anytime? Why are you ignoring me now?”

That night, Liu Buyan held her in his embrace in an attempt to make her stay and accompany him.

However, Huang Yueli rejected him without even considering.

“Divine Doctor Liu, we already agreed on seven days’ timeline, don’t tell me you’re not going to keep your promise and want to go back on your words? One cannot be non-genuine right?”

To be declined by a woman so directly was his first time.

Liu Buyan’s face was thrown away and he was feeling upset inside.

He had finally met someone who made his heart tinker after a decade..

Don’t tell him that he had to give up so easily?

But as the Number One Divine Doctor, he was someone reputable in Soaring Heavens Continent, so he cannot just snatch a woman off the streets. Moreover he knew that such things cannot be pushed.

Liu Buyan had no choice but to fall back.

“Alright, since you’ve already said until like this, I won’t make things difficult for you. I know you have urgent matters so you can go ahead and settle your stuff. But since we have some dealings, so in future if we do meet again, you have to treat me nicely! As for my courtyard here, I welcome you back to visit anytime!”

Based on Liu Buyan’s position, to say such things to a second stage realm lass, if Huang Yueli was not going to agree, she would really not know what’s good for her.

Besides that, there was no guarantee that she might require Liu Buyan’s help in future.

So Huang Yueli naturally agreed good naturedly.

She had never expected that she would come and ask Liu Buyan for help so soon.