Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 714

Chapter 714 Allowing You To Die Is Too Easy For You 1

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If she had knew earlier, her attitude towards Liu Buyan for the past few days would be much better..

At this moment, the courtyard’s guard had finally chased up to her and said, “Miss Bai, why are you so impatient! My Master had just left this afternoon, saying he wanted to travel around and he wouldn’t be back within a short period of time!”

“He left? And it’s actually during this afternoon??”

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes in shock, somewhat surprised.

Liu Buyan had just asked her last night to continue staying in this courtyard with him, which meant he didn’t have any plans to travel in the short term.

But right after she had just left, Liu Buyan also left right after?

Furthermore, this was the moment when she needed Liu Buyan the most!

Was there a need to be so fraudulent?

Huang Yueli would never had thought that Liu Buyan felt that he was a failure. He finally expressed interest in a girl but was eventually rejected so he casually accepted a medical request from a large Sect and took this opportunity to divert his mind.

Since Liu Buyan wasn’t around, Huang Yueli could only leave in disappointment.


Just right after Huang Yueli left, Li Moying who was in the superior room in the guesthouse had slowly opened his eyes.

“Senior Brother!”


When they saw him wake up, both Luo Jiyun and Mo Yi were so agitated that they pounced over right away.

Li Moying blinked his eyes in bewilderedness and when he saw the two men in front of him clearly, a glint of disappointment flashed his eyes.

Before he went unconscious, he had obviously seen his Li’er appeared before him. Could it be that it was only his hallucination due to his illness acting up which clouded his consciousness?

“Li’er, she..” he softly spat out these few words.

Mo Yi hurriedly replied, “Master, don’t worry. Nothing happened to Third Miss at all. Earlier she had showed up and her condition looked rather well and she was very energetic! She was also the one who recalled your conscious, do you still remember?”

Li Moying heaved a sigh of relief. From the looks of it, it wasn’t his hallucination. His Li’er had really returned in one piece! And he had embraced her tightly!


“Where is Li’er now?”

He looked around but didn’t see Huang Yueli’s figure anywhere. Earlier the relaxed brow started to crease again.

Mo Yi replied, “Master, Third Miss had been staying by your bedside, refusing to leave. But after that when she saw that you remained unconscious, she was so worried that she said she would invite Divine Doctor Liu to give you treatment! She had just left just an hour ago!”

Li Moying’s arch eyebrows knitted together as his piercing eyes stared at Mo Yi.

Even though he had just awoken and his body was still weak, but that sharp like razor eyes still made Mo Yi break out in sweat.

“Divine Doctor Liu? Which Divine Doctor Liu? Don’t tell me it’s Liu Buyan?”

Mo Yi hastily nodded, “It is Mister Liu Bu Yan! Third Miss said Divine Doctor Liu was staying in seclusion nearby and the reason why she could escape unscathed was due to Divine Doctor Liu. So for your wellbeing, she had gone over to look for Divine Doctor Liu to save your life..”

Before Mo Yi could finish his sentence, he had already saw Li Moying’s expression change and as his right hand struck out, a crashing sound was heard as the flower vase by the bedside was smashed to smithereens.

Mo Yi jumped in shock as his entire face will filled with surprise!

He had thought that Li Moying would be overjoyed when he heard how concerned and worried Huang Yueli was to him. However, who knew that he would throw such a huge temper!