Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 715

Chapter 715 Allowing You To Die Is Too Easy For You 2

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Li Moying’s face was so black that ink almost dripped out from it.

“Do you know what time it is now? You guys actually allowed Li’er to leave the guesthouse alone to look for a male stranger?”

Oh, he was worried about Huang Yueli leaving alone and meeting with danger..

Mo Yi relaxed slightly and hastily explained, “Master don’t worry. Third Miss said Divine Doctor Liu stays nearby and moreover, Third Miss is a second stage realm practitioner. The townspeople around here are all commoners and there aren’t any magical beasts in the forest so she should be safe..”

“Should, Should, SHOULD!” Li Moying furiously stopped him from continuing, “Should be safe! Li’er had gone ALONE to Liu Buyan, that pervert’s home, and you call THAT safe?”

Mo Yi went into a daze and continued shortly after, “But, although Divine Doctor Liu is dissolute, but surely he’s not lewd. Moreover Third Miss said she had been staying with Divine Doctor Liu for the past few days..”

What Mo Yi meant was, if something were to happen between the both of them, it would already have happened long ago and why wait till today?

Li Moying got even angrier when he heard what Mo Yi said!

Several years ago when Liu Buyan treated him, Mo Yi and Luo Jiyun were just watching from afar and didn’t knew exactly what happened between him and Liu Buyan!

But Li Moying felt that Liu Buyan actually really, extremely hated him, even to the point of saying he cannot hate him enough!

During the treatment process, Liu Buyan intentionally tortured him, thinking of different ways to torment him, making him feel that death is better than life!

Li Moying really didn’t understand what he did to offend this Number One Divine Doctor whose name was famous in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, but he didn’t feel fear!

That year he was still very weak. Since Liu Buyan dared to offend him in this way, he would remember this debt and sooner or later he would become stronger! Just a Liu Buyan was not enough to become an obstacle in his pathway to advancement!

Actually, Li Moying totally couldn’t understand why since Li Buyan hated him so much and so obviously, in terms of words, action or even the treatment process, he had hardly refrained from showing his hatred, but he was still unwilling to let him die. Instead he was trying ways and means to save him!

Li Moying knew that in order to dispense pills to curb his rare and exotic illness, the amount of effort and finances that were required to be put into this was imaginable. Even the Sect which he was in were to give up everything they had, they would still be unable to take it!

But Liu Buyan insisted on saving him.

Even though he had used various ways to torment him during the treatment process, but eventually Liu Buyan still managed to refine the pills.

Moreover, he didn’t accept any treatment fee!

Subsequently when Liu Buyan was about to leave, Li Moying asked him this personally.

“Since you hate me so much, why did you save me?”

Liu Buyan couldn’t be bothered to show the hatred he had and replied icily, “Because only when you continue living then would you ever recall one day the wrongdoing that you did! You being alive, would be able to accept the punishment! If you died, won’t it be too easy for you? Moreover, only when you’re alive then can I prove that I’m stronger than you!”

Li Moying was puzzled as Liu Buyan continued, “Remember, I saved your life so only I can kill you! Don’t be so weak like a dog and before you even advance to the ninth stage realm, you’re already killed by those trash! Don’t make me despise you further!”

After finishing these absurd words, Liu Buyan left.