Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 716

Chapter 716 Allowing You To Die Is Too Easy For You 3

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Li Moying had thought about this matter after the incident but since he had no answer to it, he put it aside.

Anyway, Liu Buyan was known to be weird and didn’t his best buddy, the Number One expert, Mu Chengying also fallen out with him?

Liu Buyan didn’t seem to have any friends and was alone by himself so whatever weird stuff he came up with didn’t seem so weird after all.

But after this matter, Li Moying’s disgust towards Liu Buyan had risen to the peak!

For the first time in his life, Li Moying felt that he was unable to resist against such a tremendous pressure in front of Liu Buyan and he was the first to say that he despised him!

Other than this, Li Moying could also clearly felt that there was a sense of repellent in his bones against Liu Buyan.

As for now, he heard that his beloved Li’er had actually stayed together with the man he hated for so many days, heavens knew what happened between these two?

Now his woman went to beg Liu Buyan to save him?

He rather die than beg Liu Buyan, and he wouldn’t want his woman to beg him!

Thinking of this, Li Moying dragged his weak body and sat up, trying to get off the bed.

Luo Jiyun had a big fright and hurriedly rushed forward to hold him down.

“Senior Brother, your body is still very weak, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to get something? Can you don’t move, stop moving alright? Whatever you need, just tell me and I’ll get it for you?”

Mo Yi wiped off the sweat on his forehead and said, “Master, I’ve overlooked and allowed Third Miss to go out on her own. But I’ve sent some people to patrol the area near the forest to wait for Third Miss. I will now go personally and look for her, so please don’t worry..”

“Look for her? Are you sure you guys can find her?” Li Moying sneered.

On a casual note, would an expert on a different notch like Liu Buyan’s home be easily found? Unless it was a seventh rank array master, otherwise one would probably not even be able to find Liu Buyan’s main door!

He pushed aside Mo Yi and Luo Jiyun, not bothering about putting on his shoes and rushed outwards.

“Senior Brother, no!”

Li Moying’s figure went by in a flash and reached the ground floor, subsequently he flew at a great speed towards the direction of the forest.

Luo Jiyun and Mo Yi chased after him with their might but were not able to keep up with him.

In the night, they saw Li Moying’s demonic-style silhouette, almost not able to see him clearly.

“Whoa, isn’t Senior Brother seriously injured? Why is his speed still so fast! Wasn’t he in a critical stage this time?” Luo Jiyun was dumbstruck.

Mo Yi’s face was filled with astonishment as well, “That’s weird. The time Master took to wake up this time had relatively shortened and is really abnormal. Speaking of this, the previous time in the Dark Moon Forest, Master awoke rather soon too and subsequently his recovery was also very fast. Why was these two times..”

The both of them exchanged glances and suddenly shouted “Ah” together.

They recalled at the same moment. In the last two times, Li Moying had not lost consciousness because of the depletion of his Profound Energy but. under Huang Yueli’s assistance, he had controlled his illness in the middle of it, and subsequently he went limb from then on..

Could there be some connection somewhere?

Before they could complete their thoughts, a petite figure appeared in front of them.

In the darkness, her baby pink dress was especially eye catching and her appearance attracted their attention instantly.


Li Moying’s surprised voice sounded.

He jogged a few steps beside Huang Yueli and carried her up.