Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 717

Chapter 717 Allowing You To Die Is Too Easy For You 4

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Huang Yueli was walking alone in the middle of the night and from afar, she could sense a strong energy speeding towards her direction.

She had been anxious initially and armed herself.

But after she heard Li Moying’s voice, she relaxed herself.

The man’s familiar breathe was blown by her ear, firm yet gently cradling her, making her night of uneasiness come to an end.

Recalling the things that this man had done for her, Huang Yueli’s heart turned soft.

She stretched out her hand over to Li Moying’s waist and hugged him back tightly.

No matter how much worries or how much hesitation she had, at this moment, she simply didn’t care about it. She only knew she must hug him tightly and feel his body warmth to tell herself.

He was still well and right beside her!

As for Li Moying, his feelings were exactly the same.

The two people hugged tightly together and it was after some time before Huang Yueli came to her senses.

She gently pushed Li Moying’s chest and said, “When did you awaken? Why didn’t you rest in the room, but run out in the middle of the night? If you catch a cold and your injuries worsened, what should we do?”

Li Moying listened to her soft and gentle vocals and almost shed tears on the spot!

After so many days of uncertainty and unrest. finally, finally, heavens gave him his best return, his Li’er was alive and in his embrace!

What’s more, she was so beautiful and cute, and so sweet..

Li Moying took a deep breath and answered in a low voice, “You’re not around so I didn’t have the mood to rest. I kept dreaming that you were pursued by assassins, bitten by magical beasts, so I couldn’t sleep at all. When I awoke I didn’t see you so I thought that I was hallucinating when I saw you earlier..”

Huang Yueli heard what he said and her heart ached immediately.

She hurriedly held his hand and said, “What nonsense are you sprouting, how can I be a hallucination! Don’t you see me jumping around energetically? Alright, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have left halfway! Let’s hurry back and this time, let me accompany you and not leave you for even one step. Sleep well, alright?”

Li Moying looked at her for some time and when he saw her clear eyes which showed her anxiety and heartache, he nodded.


The few of them returned to the guesthouse and Huang Yueli discovered that Li Moying’s room had been changed.

She said astonishingly, “That’s weird…”

Mo Yi saw her hesitation and was worried that she might say something which might infuriate Li Moying so he quickly pushed the both of them into the room and said, “Master, Third Miss, have a good rest. I’ll leave my leave now!”

Finishing his sentence, he closed the door and slipped away quickly.

Since Third Miss was around, she could settle his Master, who didn’t recognise anyone when his illness acted up, then this surely would be chicken feet for her so he might as well not stay and find trouble for himself.

The room was left with Li Moying and Huang Yueli.

Li Moying wanted to say something but when he turned around, Huang Yueli’s delicate and pale complexion face expressed obvious signs of tiredness. That usually bright, adorable eyes seemed listless.

His heart ached for a while, not knowing what to say.

His Li’er was actually worried for him!

Huang Yueli passed by him and with quick steps, she flipped the blanket aside and supported him.

“Quickly lie down! It’s already the fourth night watch period, so if you don’t rest, dawn will break very soon!”