Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 718

Chapter 718 Lets Sleep Together 1

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Li Moying seized the opportunity and laid on the bed while nudging aside, leaving the space beside him empty and made an anticipative expression at Huang Yueli.

Lier, come and accompany me.

Huang Yuelis face turned black as she replied, What are you thinking about? Im warning you, dont you dare have awry thoughts!

Li Moying broke out into a smile as the corners of his lips curled upwards, displaying an evil smile.

Whos the one having awry thoughts? Have I done anything to you that I shouldnt? I only felt that you look tired and wanted you to rest here with me. How about you? Why is your face so red? What were you thinking about?

Huang Yueli was stifled by his words and was left speechless.

Li Moying turned sideways slightly. His clothes were slightly disarrayed as his firm, sexy chest was exposed. A few drops of sweat dripped down along his vein lines on that jade white skin.

Huang Yuelis vision uncontrollably attracted by the movement of the sweat bead and it was until it disappeared and was absorbed into his clothes before she suddenly came back to her senses.

She raised her head and as expected, she met with Li Moyings mocking glance.

Lier, what are you looking at? Your glance is so lewd, dont tell me you have ulterior motives towards me? If you still havent seen enough, why not I take off this shirt! Otherwise your disappointed look really make me unable to bear it.

No need, Im not disappointed at all! No need, theres really no need. Hey, youre not allowed to strip!

Huang Yueli couldnt help but started screeching.

But Li Moying continued to tug at his waist belt and taking off his shirt, he threw it onto the ground.

What are you doing! Huang Yueli felt her face was almost bursting into fumes as her eyes did not dare to roam freely.

Lier, your face is really red.. Li Moying chuckled with a low tone, bearing deep seduction in his voice.

Huang Yueli felt the burning heat on her face and kept reminding herself to remain calm, must remain calm, however. It yielded little results.

Heavens, why was she so abnormal? Why did her face flush red?

In her previous life, it wasnt just one or two times having seen a naked mans body, so she had never given it another thought.

After all, when a practitioner cultivated, there was bound to be some kind of injury or the likes, so the situation of shedding the clothes were a common scene and she was not some pure, innocent young lady, so what was the fuss about?

But today, she was totally unable to control her tendency to blush..

Huang Yueli patted her face as she tried to find a reason.

This todays weather is really warm. This rooms ventilation is not good at all, its so stuffy! I Ill go open up the window to get some fresh air. Ah~~~!

As she was saying that, she turned around and wanted to walk away but was pulled by back Li Moyings suddenly grab on her wrist as she fell onto the bed.

Huang Yueli was caught unaware and as her feet was unsteady, she fell backwards.

Just nice, she fell onto Li Moyings body and couldnt help but made a dull moan.

She moved her body wanting to stand up. While using her palm to support herself, she didnt feel the mattress cover but instead her hands touched a piece of warm, smooth skin.

She withdrew her hand subconsciously but fell down once again.

Li Moying took advantage of the situation and held on to her waist as he took her entirely into his embrace.

Huang Yuelis expression turned ugly as she pushed him away, Li Moying, let me go! Youre a ruffian, daring to tease a gentlewoman! Y Yo You.. youre too shameless!