Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 719

Chapter 719 Lets Sleep Together 2

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Li Moying couldnt help but burst out into laughter.

What did you say? Youre some gentlewoman? Obviously a ruthless little fox? Yet still dare to pretend to be a little rabbit? Moreover, Im hugging my fiance, its entirely justified, so in what way am I shameless?

I never admitted that Im your fiance, so dont you.. wuu~~ En en!!

Huang Yuelis utterly discomfited voice was pushed back once again by that mans cold lips.

Li Moying sealed her lips tightly, gently caressing it. It was a gentle and light kiss and not long after, he raised his head.

Huang Yuelis eyes were opened wide staring fiercely at him.

Li Moying saw what she was doing as he laughed, Lier, your mouth is pouted so high that it can practically hang a bottle of oil!

You. shameless!

Huang Yueli felt that she hadnt suffered such indignance for a very long time!

This mans skin was thicker than hers, his cultivation was higher than hers and yet he stuck to her like chewing gum, totally unable to shake him off. If given just a little sunlight, he would shine brightly!

Unfortunately, Huang Yueli couldnt bear to deal a vicious hand on him, because whenever she thought of how he gave her his everything, she would recall how Mu Chengying from her previous life had also came from afar to save her..

Moreover, this man was nursing some serious internal injury, not knowing when he would get slightly better.

So although she had thousands of ways but in front of him, she was unable to use it..

Huang Yuelis twisted expression had fallen into the mans eyes.

Li Moying secretly curled his lips as he expressed a contented smile, like a cat which successfully stolen a fish.

He had finally understood that although Huang Yueli talked tough at times and would resist every time he kissed her but ultimately, she had never really dealt him with any vicious hand, so her heart really couldnt bear to do it!

Recalling those people who couldnt get her, like the Crown Prince and others, they had only spoke impolitely to her and they were already schemed until they almost died.

Towards his little fox, he was much closer than them. But it seemed that she had not tormented him at all.

When Li Moying thought of all these, his smile grew wider.

Anyway, this little fox didnt meant what she said and since he was already clear on this, that would mean that he wouldnt be giving her any chance to back down.

Although her mouth kept saying she dont like him, not willing to and whatever relationship they had, but as long as this little thing didnt reject him, he would continue to pursue her endlessly!

Anyway, as a practitioner, they would have a long time to tangle with each other and sooner or later, this little fox would willingly agree to be his woman!

Li Moying caught hold of Huang Yuelis resisting little hand and called out lightly, Alright, alright, stop making a scene ok! Im really tired, didnt you see me passing out earlier? Youre still bullying me here..

Who Who bullied you? It was obviously you..

Huang Yueli became gloomy.

Li Moying laughed, Alright, alright, its all my fault! Can we rest now? If we still dont rest, it will be dawn soon..

Saying that, he went nearer and gave a gentle peck on Huang Yuelis fair and bright forehead.

Good night, Lier!

The mans deep magnetic voice was heard by her ear, the scorching warm breathe and the light kiss in the dark and misty room was so ambiguous, so. enchanting.

In that instance, Huang Yueli suddenly felt peaceful as though her heart had finally find a harbour to park, her body completely relaxed.