Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 720

Chapter 720 Lets Sleep Together 3

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This night, Huang Yueli slept very well all the way till sun was already shining brightly before she finally awoke.

Moreover. She was woken up by the heat.

The minute she opened her eyes, a magnified handsome face appeared right before her eyes, almost making her break out into cold sweat!

But immediately following that, she remembered what happened and discovered that she and Li Moyings bodies were entwined together and that mans arm acted as a pillow under her head for an entire night, not knowing if it had turned numbed..

Huang Yueli immediately pushed him and prepared to get up.

Who knew, Li Moyings throat raised out some blurred murmurs and as his arm tightened, he brought her into his embrace once again as his head rubbed against her neck, tickling her.

Li Moying! Let go of me! I want to get up! Huang Yueli whispered.

Li Moying murmured, Sleep a little while more, Im dead beat these few days..

Then you can continue sleeping, let me get up first..

I dont want to, I want to hug you while sleeping.

When Li Moying said these, his reply was fast and smooth. He didnt seem like he was that tired after all.

Finishing what he said, he had no qualms about continuing to hug his extra large little fox bolster as he rubbed and smelled her and continued to sleep!

Huang Yueli grew gloomy and pushed him a few times but this man was really powerful as his body was like a steel wall, not shakeable by that little bit of energy by hers!

Huang Yuelis movements became bigger and this man lost his patience as he tangled himself onto her. His long and powerful thighs clamped her legs rendering her immovable.

Suddenly, Huang Yueli stopped moving as her face blushed a tinge of pink, as though her acupoints had been immobilised.

The reason was because when Li Moying clamped her from behind, she sensitively felt something was pressed against her..

Surely it wasnt.. it wasnt that thing, right? F***!

Huang Yueli felt sick all of a sudden, only wishing to give this man a flying kick on the spot!

Unfortunately, even though she struggled for very long, she only felt the feeling of being pressed against getting more and more obvious..

Moreover, Li Moying was obviously in a semi-conscious state, not knowing what unhealthy dream he was having. Besides his hug becoming tighter and tighter, he also started to rub against her body.

Huang Yueli pushed him with her blushing face for a while before an idea finally came to her mind. She whispered beside his ear, Li Moying, quickly let me wake up, Ill go make breakfast for you!

Breakfast? Li Moying muddle-headedly heard the keyword.

En En! My cooking skills are not bad, havent you tried it the other time previously?

Li Moying recalled the time when he tried this little foxs cooking when they left the Dark Moon Forest on the flying ship, that delicious taste. Was the best he had ever tried in his entire life!

Moreover, just thinking about his little wife busying herself in the kitchen to cook for him made his heart warm up.

Li Moying finally released the grip from his arm.

The little lass in his embrace immediately went down the bed and like a wisp of smoke, she ran out of the room.

What a joke, if she were to continue staying here, she was worried that she would not be able to protect her own chastity!

Just how did she get smitten by this man yesterday and actually agreed to sleep on the same bed?

Although although nothing happened between then, but. it was still a disgraceful thing!

Whats more, from other peoples view, they were fianc and fiance and since they were sleeping together, they would definitely assume that they had some kind of relation, so even if she were to jump into the Yellow River, she would not be able to clear up this rumor!