Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 721

Chapter 721 Lets Sleep Together 4

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Truth had proven itself, Huang Yuelis worries were not superfluous.

Huang Yueli was in the guesthouses kitchen and spend an amount of effort to simmer a bowl of porridge and prepared a few varieties of snacks.

When she carried the serving tray into the room, Luo Jiyun and Mo Yi were already seated beside the table as a strange smile hung on their faces as they fixed their gazes on her.

Huang Yueli frowned as she turned to look at Li Moying and found that he had fallen asleep again. The greenish dark colour under his eyes had lightened slightly but had not completely faded. Apparently. These few hours of sleep was not enough to offset that amount of time he had spend previously.

Huang Yueli didnt wake him but left the serving plate on the table.

When she walked near, Luo Jiyung couldnt help but got closer with a gleeful expression.

Sister-in-law, was it tiring for you to take care of Senior Brother yesterday?

It was ok, not tiring at all. Hes tired so when he returned to the room, he fell asleep immediately. Huang Yueli replied calmly.

Luo Jiyun blinked his eyes, apparently not believing her words, Really? Sister-in-law, but when Brother Mo Yi and I came in earlier, we saw Senior Brothers clothes and waist belt were all thrown onto the ground and he was sleeping in the inner corner. The outer side of the bed seemed to have been slept by someone..

Even under Luo Jiyuns curious gaze, Huang Yueli still remained extremely calm.

She breezily threw Luo Jiyun a glance as her tone was exceptionally peaceful.

Oh, about this, I got slightly tired taking care of him last night so I leaned against the bedside to rest a little while. Dont I have the right to take a little rest? Theres just one bed here, if Im not going to lean on the bed, where can I lie? As for the clothes, if youre going to sleep, isnt it natural to take off your clothes? Dont tell me when you guys sleep, you still wear your outer clothes? Theres no pyjamas to change into here. Moreover, Li Moying had got into a battle when he went out last night, so his clothes were already dirty beyond words. Later please bring it out to wash, and make sure its washed cleanly!

Saying that, she easily overthrew all the suspicions that Luo Jiyun brought out.

Moreover, she had started ordering them to work!

Luo Jiyuns eyes widened as he turned tongue tied. He thought he had finally found an opportunity to tease his Sister-in-law but in the end. it seemed like he was the idiot!

Thats right, you must sleep since youre tired and of course, sleeping should be on the only bed. The clothes were too dirty so naturally you must take them off when youre going to sleep!

All too normal, extremely normal!

Mo Yi saw Luo Jiyuns dejected expression and shook his head.

Young Master Luo was still too young. He didnt know this Sister-in-law of his was as hard to deal with as his Senior Brother, so he wanted to tease her? It was an impossible thing to do!

Huang Yueli pulled a chair and sat opposite the both of them.

Alright, stop the nonsense. I have something important to tell you guys.

Whats the matter?

Third Miss, please feel free to say it!

The two of them hurriedly replied.

Huang Yueli continued, Yesterday I had originally intended to ask Liu Buyan to do a medical consultation for Li Moying but in the end, it was such coincidence. I left the previous night and yesterday morning, Liu Buyan had went out for an outpatient visit so I had made a wasted trip! Moreover, I have no idea when he will be back!

Luo Jiyun and Mo Yi looked at each other and recalled what Li Moying had told them yesterday when he heard Huang Yueli had gone to look for Liu Buyan, as well as the violent rage that he had expressed.