Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 722

Chapter 722 Li Moying Is Jealous 1

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Although he didnt understood why Li Moying was so upset, but after consideration, Mo Yi felt he was obligated to remind Huang Yueli about this.

Third Miss, actually. after you left yesterday, Master awoke and when he didnt see you, he seemed very angry.

Really? Huang Yueli didnt think anything was amiss and said dismissively, Of course Id like to stay by his side to accompany him and wait for him to wake up! But its simply too dangerous for his illness to act up like that anytime, so if I didnt get Divine Doctor Liu to come over and check on him, how will I be rest assured?

Mo Yi realised that she didnt understood what he meant so he tried to make his meaning clearer.

Third Miss, I feel that my Master dont seem to like Divine Doctor Liu very much..

Huang Yueli suddenly went into a blank.

Really? Why is that so? Divine Doctor Lius medical skill is indeed matchless in the whole world! Moreover, he had treated Li Moying previously. Even the medicinal pills that were used to suppress his illness were refined by Liu Buyan, so he would surely understand whats going on with his condition. It would surely be of help if we invited Divine Doctor Liu to come over and take a look.

This I understand, but Master he..

Mo Yi wiped the sweat off his forehead, not knowing how to explain.

Third Miss didnt seem like she understood his hint, not realising that Li Moying was jealous just because she and Liu Buyan stayed together for a couple of days!

He was slightly glad that Liu Buyan had been out for an outpatient visit and Huang Yueli had not found him. Otherwise if the both of them were to appear in front of Li Moying, plus the fact that Liu Buyan and Li Moying found each other disagreeable..

Heavens knew what kind of disaster would have happened last night?

Huang Yueli continued, Sigh, I say, your Master is already a grown man, dont tell me hes afraid of seeing a doctor? But for this illness that he was born with, if he didnt listen to the doctors advice, it was impossible for him to recover by himself, so how can he hide a sickness for fear of treatment!

Luo Jiyun saw that Mo Yi couldnt bring himself to ask the question, so he simply popped the question by himself.

Sister-in-law, Im very curious, why did Divine Doctor Liu save you? Isnt he rumoured to have an aloof character and a typical not caring about other peoples affairs or lifting a finger to save someone in mortal danger? Unless Ughh, unless the other party is a beauty, otherwise he would never stick his nose to save that person!

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him and said, What do you mean? You think Im not a beauty?

Although this body indeed differed from her previous life, but she discovered that as her cultivation gradually grew, her looks in turned also became prettier. She thought that this bodys looks seemed to be sealed by the Flame Spirit Physique and as it was unsealed, it would turned prettier bit by bit.

In actual fact, she was already rather pretty even though she was in the second stage realm.

In the past, her cousin Bai Ruo Qi was named as South Yue Kingdoms Number One Beauty but yet she was incomparable to her now.

Luo Jiyun hastily replied, Of course not! Sister-in-law, youre pure and delicate, of course youre a beauty, big beauty! But that I heard Liu Buyan was a Casanova and every time he saved beauties, he didnt have any good intentions and would make them accompany him for a period of time..

Huang Yueli said, That is a misunderstanding! Liu Buyan is not what you guys think! Although he really had a lousy temperament, but his character isnt that bad. He had indeed made me accompany him for seven days and seven nights, and wanted me to listen to all his commands with no resistance, but..

What? Liu Buyan that ba**ard! He really did that to you

Huang Yueli had yet to finish her sentence when she suddenly heard Li Moyings flustered and exasperated voice from the bed.