Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 724

Chapter 724 Li Moying Is Jealous 3

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“You dare??”

Li Moying was going to be angered to death by this lass!

She actually stayed together with the person he hated the most for seven days and nights, and Liu Buyan actually made her ‘listen to all his demands’!


What on earth was that? This little fox had never listened to his demands at all, why must she listen to that hateful fellow’s demands? What kinda fellow was Liu Buyan!

The most undue thing was this lass had already treated him unfairly, threw her temper at him and wanted to feed his breakfast to a dog! Could it be that in her heart, he was not even comparable to a dog?

Li Moying’s face turned so black that ink could drip from it as he had already swallowed several jars of matured vinegar silently!

Not only was he jealous of Liu Buyan, he was also jealous. of that stinking dog!

But even though he was feeling sour inside, he refused to admit it. He pulled a long face and with a strong attitude, he said, “You had already given me this breakfast so you cannot take it away! You’re not allowed to leave here as well!”

Saying that, he turned around and commanded, “Mo Yi, go chop that dog up at the entrance of the door and make it into hot pot!”

“Hey.. YOU!” Huang Yueli turned anxious, “That’s just a puppy that’s just born! How can you be so heartless with no compassion at all?”

Li Moying raised his chin and looked down at her, “I’m that ruthless but compared to Liu Buyan who has a dagger hidden in his smiles, I’m way better than him!”

“You…” Huang Yueli didn’t know if she should cry or laugh.

He still remembered Liu Buyan’s matter! Did he need to be so petty?

She was distracted for a moment when Li Moying took the opportunity to hold on to her slender waist with one hand, and using the other to throw the serving plate with just enough strength, landing it onto the table without spilling even a drop of the porridge.

Huang Yueli’s wrists were held tightly by that man and pressed against the wall as both her hands were pressed on top of her head.

“Li Moying, what are you trying to do? Let me go! Mo Yi and Junior Brother Luo are still here!” Huang Yueli didn’t expected him to make a move once they didn’t agree on a point, but she wasn’t able to avoid him, so she could only call out while struggling.

Li Moying’s eyebrows lifted and that swift and fierce phoenix eyes raised slightly, bearing a slightly evil expression as he got closer to Huang Yueli.

That pressurizing handsome looks was so near that Huang Yueli could see clearly how long and curly his eyelashes were, as though two little fans, making even her, a woman, jealous of it.

“Li’er…” Li Moying mumbled softly, his tone deep with a tinge of huskiness from being awaken not too long ago.

Huang Yueli’s heart skipped a beat as her eyes widened and stared blankly at that peerlessly handsome man.

“Li’er, do you mean if Mo Yi and Luo Jiyun were not here, then I will be able to hug you freely?” Li Moying laughed, “This is easy, I’ll make them go away! You two fellows, what are you preparing to peep at by continuing to stay here? Haven’t you seen a couple quarrel before?”

Luo Jiyun and Mo Yi had originally opened their eyes wide, looking at the show with keen interest pleasure!

An emotionless and cool man like Li Moying was actually jealous! This was a show which would only be seen in a hundred years so how could they miss it?

Moreover, Li Moying’s jealousy made him look really childish! It was unimaginable on how stern and overbearing this man usually was..

Just as they were absorbed into the scene, they suddenly heard Li Moying say such a sentence.