Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 725

Chapter 725 Li Moying Is Jealous 4

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Both of them were alert and immediately stood up.

“Senior Brother, we were about to leave, leaving now!”

“I was worried about Master and Third Miss’ safety, we. This. we’re leaving now!”

Seeing these two traitors ignoring her call for help and preparing to run off without any loyalty, Huang Yueli’s eyes almost popped out from staring at them.

Damn, I usually treated you guys pretty well! How could you yield to the evil forces’ powerful lust? It was really a waste for me to treat you guys so well!

Just at this moment, Li Moying opened his mouth yet again, “That’s right, that dog at the entrance..”

“Don’t you dare.. wuuuu!”

Huang Yueli was about to start berating him but instead her lips were pressed against by Li Moying’s perfectly shaped thin lips who was stooping right above her, pushing her last words back.

This time, there were no obstructions as his tongue tip dove straight in and invaded her mouth, absorbing her fragrance.

Luo Jiyun couldn’t help but blew a whistle and pulling Mo Yi, the both of them quickly ran away.

Whatever dog, he could pretend that he didn’t hear anything but Li Moying wanted him to get lost, he didn’t dare not listen!

Instinct told him that if he continued to stay here and be a spectator, perhaps he would die an unsightly manner!

After the both of them left, Li Moying didn’t had anymore reservations and pressed Huang Yueli against the wall, waywardly kissing her till he had enough.

Huang Yueli wanted to say no but under this overbearing yet sexy man’s breath invasion, her brain turned into glue and gradually gave up resisting as she laid gently into the man’s embrace.

After a long time, Li Moying finally let her off but one hand was still locked onto her wrist while the other hand’s thumb gently brushed past her swollen lips from the kissing, causing a slightly prickling sensation.

“Li’er, you’re mine! Promise me.. don’t meet with Liu Buyan ever again!”

Li Moying gritted his teeth as he said these by her ear.

Huang Yueli had originally became dizzy from the kiss but upon hearing these, she suddenly awoken from her stupor.

She quickly pushed Li Moying aside and retorted angrily, “Li Moying, haven’t I told you this? Nothing happened between me and Liu Buyan! He didn’t raise any demanding requests! He only made me dress up as the girl that he liked and accompany him to have his meals or have a conversation. Perhaps I resembled a little to the girl that he liked?”

She was afraid that Li Moying would stop her from talking so she could only explain quickly.

Li Moying originally bore a ugly expression and prepared to continue his “fiance lecture” but when he heard her last sentence, he blinked unexpectedly.

“Liu Buyan has someone that he likes? How come I have never heard of this?”

“You’re a nobody to him, so why should he tell you?” Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him.

Upon hearing that, Li Moying grew unhappy again, “Then who are you to him? Why did he tell you?”

Looking at that gloomy handsome face, Huang Yueli knew that this man was jealous again.

Why on heavens was there such a man who was so easily jealous? His tolerance was as small as a tip of a needle hole!

Although she thought in this way, Huang Yueli felt her feelings lifted and couldn’t help but laughed out.

“You still dare to laugh! The minute you hear about Liu Buyan, you smile. Don’t tell me you two really..”

Huang Yueli hastily explained, “What rubbish are you thinking about? Do I even need him to tell me this kind of thing, I can observe it for myself! He obviously has a girl who he likes but he don’t dare to confess, so he made me dress up like her! We really only ate together..”