Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 726

Chapter 726 More And More Exploitive 1

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“Hey, you’re not allowed to be angry anymore! If you show me that face again, beware that I will ignore you!” Huang Yueli’s chin raised showing an unyielding expression.

Li Moying wasn’t feeling especially happy. His little fox. Even if it was to have a meal with another man, he was upset! That was his exclusive privilege! Who did Liu Buyan thought he was!!

His Li’er had better only eat with him!

But he also knew that if he pushed her too hard, perhaps Huang Yueli might rebound. He liked that this little fox was not a woman who would bend to another’s will.

So he could only suppress his unwillingness down.

“Alright, alright, I’ll stop making wild guesses and believe the both of you! But you two are not allowed to meet again and you cannot go and look for Liu Buyan!”

“Hey, can you be more reasonable? Don’t you know that only Liu Buyan could possibly cure you? Don’t tell me you want to die!”

“Even if I die, I don’t need him to save me! Otherwise heavens knows what demands he would ask from you again? This time he didn’t make any demanding requests but what about next time?” Li Moying said discontentedly.

Huang Yueli was defeated by him!

This man usually he was so strong and incisive, but when he really became jealous, he was even more childish than a three year old child!

At least even a three year old child would be able to tell that saving his life was more important that being jealous!

Moreover, Liu Buyan had not done anything to her. the only thing was his words were slightly infuriating, and she had already fought back against him!

Li Moying saw her hesitation and with an ugly expression, he drew near again, “What’s your reply? If you dare to say no, I’ll continue to kiss you until you agree!”

The man’s warm breath breezed against her ears, as though he could turn his head and pressing her into his embrace wilfully being frivolous.

Huang Yueli knew. That he really dared to!

She could only reply, “Alright, alright, I agree to it. I won’t go and find Liu Buyan again! Surely you can rest assured now right!”

Anyway, she didn’t need to look for him herself. She can send someone to look for him, and by the time Liu Buyan arrived, it was unavoidable that the both of them had to meet.

It was not that she really liked Liu Buyan and wanted to get tangled with him but Li Moying’s illness was rumoured to have worsened so if Liu Buyan didn’t take a look, she really could not set her heart at ease so it was impossible that she don’t meet with Liu Buyan.

However, saying these out would only make Li Moying fly into a fit of jealousy so it’s best that she keep mum about it.

By then, just do it directly!

Li Moying looked at her suspiciously, “You simply agreed to it?”

Huang Yueli replied in dissatisfaction, “What do you mean? Don’t agree, you get angry. I agree and you don’t believe me! Just tell me what you want me to do!”

Li Moying stared at her for a. while and his face gradually exposed a smile.

“Humpf, since you listen to me, to reward you, let’s..”

He closed in on her again as his thin lips drew nearer to her.

Huang Yueli’s actions was pretty fast as she put her little hand on his mouth with a “Pa” sound.

Li Moying’s face turned black once more.

Huang Yueli beamed at him and said, “Ah, I almost forgot, you haven’t eaten the breakfast that I made for you! It’s turned cold. If you’re not going to eat it, the porridge is going to turn sticky and it won’t be nice at all!”

Li Moying hesitated for a moment and his dark black, deep pupils shone as though he was considering if he should eat his breakfast first or eat his little fox first?

In the end, he decided to eat his breakfast first!

After he had his fill, he would have enough energy to slowly devour his little fox.