Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 728

Chapter 728 More And More Exploitive 3

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Luo Jiyun explained, “The tournament had indeed started but according to competition regulations, this tournament would continue for a total of three days. If Eldest Senior Brother were to make his way back now, he should still be able to make it for the last day of the tournament! Most heavy weight practitioners would only go on stage on the third day so we will be just in time to leave now!”

“I see!”

Huang Yueli nodded as she turned around to look at Li Moying.

Li Moying had a cold expression as he laid down the chopsticks and replied, “I’m not going. If you’re worried about the masses in the Sect, you can take the flying boat back first.”

Luo Jiyun replied, “How can we do that? What use would it have if I were to go back alone? West Sky Region had sent so many younger generation experts so based on my potential, I can’t even get in line!”

Li Moying reply calmly, “What does that have to do with me?”

“But..” Luo Jiyun jolted, “But that is after all our Sect! Senior Brother, I know you’re still angry with Master obstructing you from leaving the Sect. Master was indeed too rash to say he would never admit Sister-in-law and such. But those were just words which Master had said in a fit of anger, so don’t hold it against him!”

Li Moying replied, “I’m not angry with him. Whether he admits Li’er or not, what does it have to do with me? I’m the one marrying her, and not him, so it’s enough that I admit her! Although Master saved my life, but if he wanted to interfere with my decision, it’s impossible!”

“Then. why are you unwilling to do back?” Luo Jiyun questioned curiously.

Li Moying replied, “Because my Li’er have to go to Sky Cloud City and I’m worried about her so I’ve decided to escort her personally to Sky Cloud City!”



Both voices screamed out in shock at the same time.

Huang Yueli blinked her bright big eyes as she said, “Li Moying, I’m not that frail to need you to escort me to Sky Cloud City! There’s only one channel to Sky Cloud City from here so I won’t lose my way!”

Li Moying bore a face of disapproval as his deep gaze laid momentarily on her before he responded, “I know you won’t lose your way but I’m afraid that you may meet with an accident on your way there. This time I’d just left you for how long and you were almost killed by someone!”

“This this was just an accident!” Huang Yueli retorted, “And it’s impossible that I have a killer pursuing me daily! Moreover, if you’re not rest assured, you can let Brother Mo Yi to accompany me on my way, so it won’t delay your journey.”

“How can I do that? I should protect my own woman, how can I rely on someone else?”

“These are two different matters right?” Huang Yueli took a look at him and continued, “You really don’t need to worry about me. I can take good care of myself. But your Sect. haven’t you met with some troublesome matters? I heard Brother Mo Yi mention before that this tournament is especially important for your Sect so stop being wilful and quickly go back!”

Huang Yueli knew what happened to Li Moying when he was young and knew clearly the gratitude he had for his Master.

If it hadn’t been for Murong De, Li Moying would had been dead frozen in the snow with no possibility of being able to cultivate, and impossible to become his current strong state.

This gratitude had been kept within Li Moying’s heart and under the circumstances that it did not go against his principles, whenever Murong De needed his help, he would never reject.

So this tournament.. Li Moying had intended to attend but he could not rest assured about her safety!