Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 729

Chapter 729 More And More Exploitive 4

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Li Moying’s intentions were seen through and he started to hesitate.

Luo Jiyun hastily added on, “Senior Brother, this tournament is directly linked to our Sect’s reputation! Anyway it would take only a total of ten days to travel by the flying ship so when the tournament is over, you can go look for Sister-in-law again!”

Luo Jiyun was totally speechless.

Still said he wasn’t angry. If he wasn’t angry, would be had such a reaction?

How would sending Huang Yueli to Sky Cloud City be more important than the Sect’s tournament?

Now that Huang Yuel’s killer had already been injured and escaped, and with a powerful expert like Mo Yi by Huang Yueli’s side, plus the fact that there was only one channel to travel, under normal circumstances, she would be extremely safe.

Huang Yueli was so smart and so black-bellied, she wouldn’t need anyone to escort her!

To put it blankly, Li Moying just didn’t want to hear other people belittle Huang Yueli, saying she was not worthy of him, that the both of them cannot get married and such!

Murong De had said spoken incoherently previously just to obstruct him from leaving and it had offended Li Moying which was why he was acting in this way.

If this wasn’t being sullen, then what was it?

Huang Yueli too agreed, “That’s right, just rest assured and go back. I’m just going to Sky Cloud City to enter the entrance examinations. It’s just a small matter. For such a powerful expert like you to stay by my side, it will only give me pressure.”

Li Moying suddenly recalled the Celestial Light Academy that Huang Yueli was going to enrol for the examination was..

His face let out a deep smile and finally gave up on insisting his way.

Since he had decided to go back and join in the tournament, then he didn’t have any time to waste.

Two hours later, Li Moying and Luo Jiyun prepared to leave.

After he boarded the flying ship, Li Moying held Huang Yueli’s wrist and pulled her into his embrace. After that he lowered his head and under her shocked expression with large eyes staring at him, he gently left a peck on her lips.

“I’ll be right back, wait for me!”

Huang Yueli hurriedly covered her mouth.

This man was really more and more exploitive! The surroundings were filled with Shadow Guards and spectators from the little town and he actually kissed her in front of everyone!

After a while, the flying ship slowly rose to the skies and those standing by the side of the ship gradually could not be seen anymore.

Huang Yueli rose her head and looked at the sky as a sense of disappointment and frustration gushed up.

After a while, she turned and looked at Mo Yi, who was standing right beside her.

“Brother Mo Yi, we need to be on our way too! To tell you the truth, I must reach Sky Cloud City within ten days otherwise I will miss the enrolment timing!”

Mo Yi also started to become anxious, “What? So fast! Then we must grab tight of the time now. Even if we rush throughout day and night, we might not even reach in ten days time! Let’s set off now!”


Seven days later.

The atmosphere in Sky Cloud City was boisterous. Plenty of talented young men and ladies had gathered at this place on account of its reputation.

Today was the enrolment day of various Academies in South Sky Region and the enrolment period will last for a total of three days. If any practitioners were not able to make it on the third day by the third quarter of Xi Shi (5-7pm), then they would not be able to take part in the various academies’ entrance examinations.

Three sorry figured appeared in the bustling crowd.

The three people, Bai Ruo Qi, Li Xue’er and Imperior Tutor were travelling along the widest pathway in Sky Cloud City.

This was the pathway to the most reputed and famed Celestial Light Academy.

Bai Ruo Qi had just reached the intersection and had been shocked by the tremendous amount of people.

“Heavens, there are actually so many practitioners who came to enrol for Celestial Light Academy!”