Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 73

Chapter 73 The Remnant Of Bai Liu Feng
Chapter 73 The remnant of Bai Liu Feng

That man was like lightning, disappearing in a blink of an eye.

This caught Huang Yue Li off guard. Not only had she been taken advantage of, but also made her heart feel stifled.

All the way until the next morning, she felt indignant.

As Cai Wei carried the breakfast over the next morning, she was shocked by her frustrated expression. She started to tremble with fear.

Seeing the tray of hot xiao long bao and jujube cake, Huang Yue Lis mood became a lot better.

(Z: Xiao long bao a small meat dumpling filled with soup and meattastes good)

Previously, the Back Courtyard did not have its own kitchen. As a result, they had to obtain their meals from the Main Manor. Unfortunately under the influence of the Manor Madam, this task became many times more difficult.

Every time, the meals consisted of cold leftovers.

As a reborn foodie, Huang Yue Li really could not bear the past few days.

Therefore, when she hired new servants, she especially selected a senior chef. It was rumored that the familys Grandfather Zeng had served in the imperial kitchen. His speciality was pastries.

After breakfast, Cai Wei suddenly stopped from a question after picking up the plates.

Thats right. Cai Wei, do you knowif my father let behind anything for me before he went missing?

Ah? Cai Wei was stunned for a moment, Third Young Miss, why do you suddenly ask this? The Old Master left you a lot of things. I heard there are seven estates, more than a dozen shops, and quite a lot of gold, silver, jewelry, calligraphy scrolls and antique paintings. But due to your young age, the Manor Master assumed ownership over them.

Replying by Huang Yue Lis side, Cai Wei carefully cast her a glance.

Third Young Miss, its all this servants fault. I was not able to stop the Master, protecting those.

Its alright. Im not asking you this.

Huang Yue Li interrupted Cai Weis words. As for things like jewelry, calligraphy scrolls and antique paintings, she didnt put them in her eyes. It was fine if he took them away.

She paused and asked: I meant to saymy father as the number one expert of South Yue, did not leave behind any immortal pills, materials, or Profound Armaments? Various techniques and skills?

Cai Wei blinked and said: This..the Old Master had left some healing pills. They are kept on the shelves of the study. There are probably seven or eight bottles. But the Second Miss took many over the years, leaving only two bottles. This servant really..this servant really doesnt have any recollection..

Huang Yue Li frowned.

The pills Cai Wei mentioned, she knew of. But those were just first level upper grade Blood Clotting Pills. Towards ordinary people they are quite effective, but towards a high-levelled practitioner, their use was very limited.

According to her recently inquired information, Bai Liu Fengs name wasnt that powerful, but his power really was strong.

He was twenty-five years old when he went missing. At that time, he had reached the Sixth level of the Earth Profound Realm. Even in the Seven Sacred Places, this was rare.

Moreover, Bai Liu Feng was born in a barren country like South Yue. Resources and manuals were very scarce. These were harsh conditions, so reaching the Sixth level of the Earth Profound Realm at such a young, he was at the very least an eighth grade talent.

Such a character, left his daughter but a few pieces of ordinary jewelry, calligraphy scrolls and first level pills?

Huang Yue Li expressed her disbelief.

Moreover, it was clear that Bai Liu Jing and Bai Ruo Qi did not believe it either. That resulted in their cross-examination of Bai Ruo Li, in an attempts to find the true treasures left behind.

Huang Yue Li pondered a bit and asked: Well, Cai Wei think a bit harder. When my father left, he really left nothing for me? Not even a little object like a key of some kind?

Cai Wei shook her head: Key? This servant has no impression.