Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 731

Chapter 731 Priority To Be Selected 2

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Li Xueer immediately responded, It was all due to Masters delicate teachings which led to Xueer having such results!

Although having said that, her face started to reveal some complacency.

She was now the apprentice of a high level armament master and at her age, her innate talent was not bad. So usually in Celestial Light Academy, she was quite popular among the other students!

As everyone all had Profound Armaments and sometimes they might meet with some damaged or defects which require repairing.

As everyone were poor students, it was apparent that they were not able to find reputable Armament Masters as they simply could not afford such exorbitant prices so they could look for armament apprentices to fix it.

After all, as a student of the Armament branch, whenever they repaired fellow students Profound Armaments, they would be able to get student points. So their fees were generally much lower and sometimes in order to gain the student points, they would also do it for free.

High level armament apprentices were all highly pursued by the other students in the academy. If they really became a true blue Armament Master, then they would be viewed as a core figure!

Even Celestial Lights Armament Branch students who become a first tier Armament Master were only a total of twenty over people.

As long as she could pass the Armament Master qualification examinations, then she would be accepted as a core student directly, and even hope. To enter Celestial Light Sect to become an outer disciple!

Tang Jinhua was obviously very satisfied with Li Xueers performance as he added several words of encouragement.

Li Xueer took the opportunity and said, Master, this time back to South Yue Kingdom, Id brought along my best friend who is also intending to enrol for Celestial Light Academy! Master, do you think. you can help her to enrol a little faster?

Although she said to help in the enrolment process, but Tang Jinhua naturally understood that Li Xueer hoped he would be able to help her best friend enter Celestial Light Academy.

However, as Li Xueer, his disciple had made him satisfied, if Bai Ruo Qis potential wasnt too bad, he didnt mind helping.

Tang Jinhua inquired, Really? This is your friend? He turned around and his gaze fell upon Bai Ruo Qi who had been standing by the side carefully, Whats your name? Which tier talent are you? Whats your cultivation?

Bai Ruo Qi replied respectfully, Master Tang, my name is Bai Ruo Qi and Im fifteen this year. Im a fourth tier lower grade talent and my cultivation had just advanced to second stage realm.

When Tang Jinhua heard her reply, his brows creased immediately, appearing to be slightly perplexed.

Fourth tier lower grade talent. Thats just a little too low! There were already several fourth tier upper grade talent practitioners who had registered for this years enrolment and the total number of students who will be accepted will only be one hundred people. Her cultivations still alright but shes just in second stage realm first level! There are a lot others whose cultivation are much higher than hers so if she want to be selected, there is a eight percent chance of it not happening.

Bai Ruo Qis face turned slightly ugly as she lowered her head.

In South Yue Kingdom, she was regarded as a top talent but she had never expected that on the first day of entering Sky Cloud City, she had been despised so thoroughly, completely not putting her into regard at all!

To a proud talented young lady like her, this was a fatal strike!

Her pride was unable to take it.

But Bai Quo Qi also understood that a fourth tier Armament Master like Tang Jinhua naturally had very high sights and not taking her into consideration was very normal. Her usual bossy temperament naturally could not be shown now.

Li Xueer hastily stood forward and hugging Tang Jinhuas arm shaking it.

Master, please try to help! Although my best friends innate talent is not very high but her uncle was a core student of the Celestial Light Academy, so cant you give her some privilege?