Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 732

Chapter 732 Priority To Be Selected 3

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Tang Jinhua was put in a difficult position but when he heard those words, his eyes congealed as though he thought of something.

Wait. South Yue Kingdom, and your surname is Bai you mean.. could it be Bai Liu Feng?

Bai Ruo Qis face immediately filled with joy, Master Tang, you are acquainted to my uncle?

Tang Jinhuas smile on his face turned brighter. This time when he sized up Bai Ruo Qi, he seemed more amiable, So. Bai Liu Feng is your uncle? That year, Bai Liu Feng was my classmate! Hes a powerful figure. Thinking back about that year. In the first year of entering the academy, he had already became the core student, and he also became top student among the core students. Till now his name is still on Celestial Lights Honour List! Since youre Bai Liu Fengs niece, naturally youre different from the other examinees.

Bai Ruo Qis heart was finally assured.

She knew how to observe ones words and gestures so she immediately continued from his words.

Oh Master Tang is actually uncles classmate! Uncle had indeed mentioned that while he was in Celestial Light Academy, he had many good friends but unfortunately he had no chance to say goodbye!

In actual fact, Bai Quo Qi had not met Bai Liu Feng many times but for her to say such things now made others feel that she was pampered by her uncle from young.

Tang Jinhua became even happier when he heard that, Its so rare that even though he had such high cultivation and yet he still remembers us. Too bad hes been missing for so mnay years, otherwise. we should really gather together! Alright, Ive noted down your matter so you can skip the basic exams and try for the second round of exams. But ultimately it would depend on your performance on whether youre selected or not! But dont be too worried. As long as your results are still passable, we will definitely give you priority to be selected!

Bai Ruo Qi hurriedly accepted as she was overjoyed beyond words!

She had never expected Bai Liu Fengs name to be so useful. Just using this uncles reputation whom she had no feelings for, she could easily be treated differently at Celestial Light Academy..

This was simply a biscuit that dropped from heaven!

However, before she got even happier, Tang Jinhuas next sentence made her depressed.

Thats right, speaking of this, I remember that Bai Liu Feng has a daughter! In terms of age, she should be similar to you, is she alright? Why didnt she join in the examinations this year?

No one had expected Tang Jinhua to suddenly remember Bai Ruoli as their hearts instantly become uneasy.

But very quickly, Li Xueer reacted.

Master, you mean Bai Ruoli! She is indeed Bai Liu Fengs biological child but unfortunately she is a trash who is not able to cultivate so she didnt join in the examinations this round!

What? Bai Liu Fengs biological daughter is not able to cultivate? Tang Jinhuas eyes widened as he said in disbelief.

Li Xueer replied, Isnt that right? Such a waste! Otherwise, why wouldnt she come for the examinations?

Tang Jinhua sighed several times more, Thats too bad, just too bad, such a waste! If Bai Liu Fengs daughter had just a bit of cultivation talent, even if she was a third tier talent, our academy would enrol her immediately! I really didnt expect this..

Bai Ruo Qi was overjoyed earlier but when she heard this, her face turned black.

With her fourth grade talent, Tang Jinhua only said to give her a chance at the examinations before being given priority selection.

But if that wretched lass came, no matter what grade talent she was, she would be selected immediately!