Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 733

Chapter 733 Priority To Be Selected 4

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The differential treatment was just too obvious!

Comparing the two, the rear door that Tang Jinhua had opened for her was comparable to dismissing a beggar!

Moreover, Huang Yuelis true potential was that powerful and with Bai Liu Fengs bright stature around, in that case if she were really to come to Celestial Light Academy, wouldnt she do extremely well here?

Bai Ruo Qi was so upset that she clenched her teeth and cried out secretly: Luckily that wretched lass is dead! Luckily she didnt have the life to come to Sky Cloud City! No matter how many opportunities she had in Celestial Light Academy, its all come to a naught!

Thinking of that, she started to feel a lot better.

When they finally bade farewell, Li Xueers mood turned considerably well.

Ruo Qi, see my Masters quite good to you eh? The priority enrolment name list only have a total of five students every year and its normally give to major powerhouses descendants, and this time hes left one place for you!

Bai Ruo Qi immediately thanked her, Xueer, you really have your ways! If it wasnt for you, I would probably not even have the chance to take the examinations! And you already have the potential to become a first tier Armament Master, youre just too incredible, I must really congratulate you!

Li Xueer was extremely proud with herself but she was deceptively acted modest.

You flatter me! Today you are able to get yourself on the name list, you also need to give credit to Marquis Bai Liu Fengs face! I hadnt expect Marquis Bai to be so powerful in Celestial Light Academy that year! Number one core student. And with the title as Bai Liu Fengs niece, youd have a smooth pathway in Celestial Light Academy!

Hearing that, Bai Ruo Qis face turned dull.

Li Xueer realised something was wrong and asked curiously, Ruo Qi, whats the matter?

Bai Ruo Qi appeared fidgety as she asked in a whisper, Xueer, Imperial Tutor, do you think. Bai Ruoli that slut. has she died yet?

Li Xueer responded, Whether shes dead or not, arent you the clearest among us? That day we saw with our own eyes that she was pursued by that fifth stage realm expert without any way to strike back! No matter how powerful she was, shes just a second stage realm practitioner so is there any way for her to escape death?

Bai Ruo Qi hesitated and asked, But shes abnormal! In the past we had always thought she was some trash but in the end, not only was she suddenly able to cultivate, her cultivation also improved by leaps and bounds. Perhaps this round, there would be some sort of accident again?

Imperial Tutor said dully, I remember that when you were dragged into the woods by that fifth stage realm practitioner, didnt you say he used your blood and did a spiritual ritual to search for Bai Ruoli? Didnt you see if she had died then?

Bai Ruo Qi replied, Of course I didnt see it! At that time, I only saw that expert strangling Bai Ruolis neck and had dragged her to one side and after that I couldnt hold on any longer and fainted! By the time I awoke, the both of them had disappeared. Do you think that slut didnt die? If she were to suddenly appear, then I wouldnt be able to use uncles name to continue staying in Celestial Light Academy?

Li Xueer thought for a while and replied, I still feel that youre thinking too much! Didnt you say it yourself that Bai Ruolis neck was strangled by that expert. Perhaps the next second, she was already strangled to death, so what could she come out with? You only didnt see her corpse. I heard that theres a kind of Cadaver Disintegration Powder which can turn the corpse into a puddle of water. Perhaps not only did Bai Ruoli die completely, even none of her bones and dregs remained!

Saying that, Li Xueers eyes flashed past a glint of chilly laughter.