Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 734

Chapter 734 Youre Too Late 1

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Based on her judgement from the scenario from then, she was ninety percent sure that Huang Yueli was dead.

This was really something exhilarating!

The biggest insult that she, Li Xueer had ever suffered was because of Huang Yueli!

Now she had died in such a terrible way, even her bones did not remain! Only for her to die this way would she slightly lift her feelings of hatred!

Hearing Li Xueer say this, Bai Ruo Qi finally was rest assured.

Wasnt this wretched lass arrogant? Didnt she dare to insult her elder cousin at the peach blossom banquet, Crown Prince and Imperial Tutor, and even dared to plot against Li Xueer?

No matter how complacent, how overbearing she was at that time, but what was the use?

Now that she had offended a real expert outside, didnt she die from just one palm strike?

Now, the person who had the last laugh was her Bai Ruo Qi!

Three days of enrolment period came to an end quickly.

Until the evening of the third day on the last quarter of the enrolment time, Huang Yueli still had not appeared.

Bai Ruo Qi was initially still rather restless, worried that Huang Yueli didnt die and suddenly come to life.

The results had proven that she was really thinking too much. That wretched lass had indeed been murdered by that killer and absolutely was not able to come back to life suddenly!

When she got to know about this, Bai Ruo Qi was especially overjoyed!

During her few days stay here, under Li Xueers guidance, she got acquainted to several Celestial Light Academys teachers and Senior Brothers and Sisters.

After conversing with them, Bai Ruo Qi realised that her missing uncle Bai Liu Feng was that powerful, simply considered as a famous person!

Bai Liu Feng had broken many different academic records during the time he spent in Celestial Light Academy and was the only one whom Celestial Light Sect made an exception to interview to draw him into the Sect. It was also rumoured that the Sect Master had wanted to take him in personally as his disciple.

However, not knowing what Bai Liu Feng had in mind, he actually rejected the offer!

Bai Ruo Qi felt that Bai Liu Feng was extremely silly to have squandered such a good opportunity.

However his reputation was still outstanding. Many people had heard of him and it was because of Bai Liu Feng that she had differential treatment from others which made Bai Ruo Qi felt great!

She was also very sure that if Bai Liu Fengs biological daughter were to appear, then her identity as a niece would have to stand by one side.

Now that this wretched lass had died completely, she had no more qualms about using Bai Liu Fengs name to enjoy different privileges in Celestial Light Academy!

On the second day after the enrolment period had ended, Celestial Light Academy organised the preliminary examinations.

Preliminary examinations was just a simple check on the bone age, cultivation and grade of innate talent. But just that one round was enough to filter out at least ninety percent of the people who had enrolled.

Those whose innate talents were the lowest, who were fourth tier lower grade talents, among the rest were to take the second round of examinations. But these peoples cultivations were mostly in second stage realm third stage, which was much higher than Bai Ruo Qi.

When Bai Ruo Li found out about this, she rejoiced in her heart.

If it hadnt been for her uncle, Bai Liu Feng, she probably would had been eliminated in the first round! Without even getting a chance to take part in the second round of examinations, she would have to return to South Yue Kingdom!

If that really was the case, then. it would be too embarrassing!

Now she had nothing to worry about.

On the third day was the second round of examinations.

Bai Ruo Qi took a number plate as she queued up to enter Celestial Light Academys public square to take the examinations.

Before she left, Li Xueer encouraged her, Do your best, you must perform properly! After today, we will be classmates in Celestial Light Academy!