Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 735

Chapter 735 Youre Too Late 2

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Bai Ruo Qi smiled and said, Dont worry, just wait and see, Ill be alright!

The reason for her self-confidence was not without any reason.

Using Bai Liu Fengs reputation, she got acquainted to many people and she had inside news from a certain someone on the contents of the second round of examinations. A supervisor who had once received a favour from Bai Liu Feng specially brought her into the examination location secretly so that she could spend some time practicing there.

Celestial Light Academys assessments were mainly based on impromptu ability to react but since Bai Ruo Qi already knew about the assessment content and had practiced it, she held a big advantage over the others.

Although her potential was not as good as the others, but as she already knew the technique to clear that stage, Bai Ruo Qi was certain that she was able to pass the assessment, and probably. get a pretty good rank!

The examinees who were taking part in the second round of examinations had gathered at the public square.

A white-haired elderly man appeared in the middle of the tall stage.

Everyone, I am Celestial Light Academys vice principal. A warm welcome to you for enrolling to Celestial Light Academy and since youre able to pass the preliminary examination and to take part in the second round of examinations, then all of you must be the fittest among your age group practitioners. But its not easy to enter Celestial Light Academy because at least half of all of you here would be eliminated today!

No one below the stage talked as everyone stood upright with an anxious yet excited expression.

Celestial Light Academys elimination rate was the highest among all other academies and everyone were very clear of this. So since they were here, they were prepared to compete against the other geniuses!

The elderly man swept his gaze below the stage and expressed a satisfied reaction towards the crowd as he nodded his head.

But competition also represents an opportunity! In Celestial Light Academy, as long as you have enough power, you will be able to succeed in various competitions and obtain a large amount of resources. This entrance examinations is the same!

This time, all of your examination results will be recorded down and ranked. First place practitioner in the entrance examinations will be obtaining a fourth tier lower grade Profound armament, two hundred thousand mid grade spirit stones. Second place will obtain a third tier upper grade Profound Armament, one hundred thousand mid grade spirit stones. Third place will obtain a third tier mid grade Profound Armament, fifty thousand mid grade spirit stones.


When the prizes were announced, the examinees who were below the stage couldnt help but exclaim in admiration.

The prize for the first person who came in first in the entrance examinations would get. A fourth tier Profound Armament!

To the first and second stage realm practitioners, a fourth tier Profound Armament was equivalent to an unimaginable huge amount of fortune! Even if it was a third tier Profound Armament, they were not able to afford it.

Even if they were geniuses from some big powerhouse, they were not able to get such a high class Profound Armament from their families!

Celestial Light Academy was really the number one Academy in South Sky Region. Just an entrance examination and they were giving out such expensive rewards!

The elderly man continued, Besides that, the top ten practitioners would also be able to get a third tier lower grade Profound Armament, three thousand mid grade spirit stones. Top fifty would get a second tier upper grade Profound Armament, ten thousand lower grade spirit stones. So work hard everyone!

After the elderly man had finished his words, he stepped aside and passed the official examinations matters to the schools teacher to explain.

However, at this point of time, no one noticed this at all.

All the examinees were so agitated that their eyes shone, with everyone rolling up their sleeves for battle, preparing to show their full potential to obtain a pretty ranking.

Even Bai Ruo Qi had secretly pondered as she knew she wouldnt be in the top ten category. But as she already knew about the contents of the examinations, perhaps, she might be able to get into the top fifty.

As long as she was able to get into top fifty, she would be able to obtain a second tier upper grade Profound Armament!