Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 737

Chapter 737 Youre Too Late 4

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And right behind her was a large group of academy guards, all of them ashen faced and bearing swollen faces as they pursuing her endless but yet unable to keep up with her.

“Stand there, stand there right now!”

“What place do you think Celestial Light Academy was, a place for you to crudely rush into?? Don’t you want to live anymore!”

The young lady’s footsteps stopped momentarily as she stopped in front of the public square, turning her sights onto the lines of crowd on the examination hall as her eyes gave out a gleeful smile.

“Yi? The assessment hasn’t started yet? I managed to get here in time! Examiner, I want to enrol for Celestial Light Academy’s entrance examinations!”

Hearing this clear and melodious voice, Bai Ruo Qi turned around abruptly and upon one glance, her mouth opened wide with a face of disbelief!

Because the young lady in front of her eyes was actually Huang Yueli!

It was actually that wretched lass! SShe actually appeared at this place!

What was going on? How could this be possible?

This little slut. hasn’t she died already? Hasn’t her body been turned into water by the Cadaver Disintegration Powder??

But for her to appear here now, was she human or ghost??

Seeing that the guards were not able to deal with someone who gate crashed into the venue, the examiner’s face turned black immediately as he berated dissatisfactory, “What are you all doing? This is the most important time of the academy’s assessment! Why can’t you even guard the door properly? What are you waiting for, still not going to remove this person!”

Hearing the examiner’s words, Bai Ruo Qi’s pale like sheet face slowly started to gain some colour.

Right, although this wretched lass suddenly appeared, but she actually dared to act blur in such a way!

It was already way passed the enrolment period and she still dared to barge in. Did she think this was South Yue Kingdom, using Prince Yu Wang’s might to do as she wished?

Now that she was under Celestial Light Academy’s powerful grasp, this slut. probably would not even get a chance to express that she was Bai Liu Feng’s daughter and would be bound up and thrown out of the academy!

The guards had finally reached the public square.

After a lecture from the examiner, all of them were embarrassed and hurriedly rushed up to catch her.

But who would have expected Huang Yueli to slip aside and as the guards were about to catch her, she managed to escape their grasp and all of them caught hold of nothing.

Huang Yueli hid aside and shouting loudly, “Hey, the few of you don’t keep your words! Didn’t we agree earlier that as long as I can enter Celestial Light Academy, you will let me take the examinations! How can you go back on your words now? Is Celestial Light Academy’s credit so worthless?”


“Yi? Did you see what happened earlier?”

Vice Principal Ling suddenly gave a sound of astonishment on the stage.

The grey robed elderly man beside him nodded, “You mean that young lass who barged in? Her footwork is really something!”

Vice Principal Ling continued, “Yes, the Profound Energy vibrations coming from her body seem to be only second stage realm cultivation but those guards who tried to capture her earlier are all third stage realm practitioners, and by right their reaction should be faster than hers by a lot. But her footwork is so ingenious and could actually trick them go into circles..”

“This lass is really not simple..”


The public square had already turned into a mess.

The expressions on the guards who were trying to capture Huang Yueli had turned ugly and as they turned around to catch her, all of them shouted at her heavy heartedly.

“Wretched lass, you you actually cheated us!”