Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 738

Chapter 738 Youre Too Late 5

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“That’s right, if you hadn’t snuck an attack on us, how could you possibly get into the academy!”

“And you still dare to sprout nonsense in front of the examiner! Don’t even think of being able to attend the entrance examinations today, get out here quickly!”

Huang Yueli blinked her big eyes as she pouted in dissatisfaction, “You all really intend to go back on your words? Alright then, I won’t stand on ceremony!”

Saying that, she waved her hand and before the guards could even see her movements, they felt their legs giving way as they lost their balance.

A few “Patter”, “Patter” sounds were heard and under everyone’s witness, these third stage realm guards actually fell onto the ground, and all of their faces kissed the ground!

Huang Yueli’s face was all smiles as she crossed her arms and on her delicate face was an innocent expression.

“Ai ya, you’re too courteous. No matter what, you’re also Celestial Light Academy’s guards and at third stage realm! Even if you feel that you’ve done me wrong, you also don’t need to pay such a huge respect! You’re prostrating in front of me, I really can’t accept this!”

The guards had fallen onto the ground seeing stars as their heads had gotten dizzy.

After their dizziness had gone off, they finally realised what happened and the few of them were so ashamed and resentful that they wished for death, only hoping to hide into the ground!

How could they…. how was it possible…. that they were tripped over by a second stage realm lass? And to fall in such an unsightly position! Moreover, it was on the entrance examinations grounds, in front of so many examinees!

This was embarrassing to the max!

The few guards continued to lean on the ground, not daring to climb up or lift their heads to see anyone.

They didn’t expect Huang Yueli to say that.

The few of them almost vomited out a mouthful of blood!

When the examiners on the stage saw this scene, their expressions started to change!

As Celestial Light Academy’s teacher, his cultivation had reached fifth stage realm and his power was much higher than those guards. So he had seen clearly Huang Yueli’s trajectory.

When this lass struck out her hand, she had also thrown out some kind of secret weapon. That method of throwing out the item was extremely tricky and as those third stage realm practitioners didn’t manage to react in time, they fell into her trap.

Not only was her strike fast, swift and accurate, her mouth was shockingly vicious.

After being tricked by her today, it was imaginable that few guards didn’t have the face to continue staying in Celestial Light Academy…..

The examiner was initially utterly discomfited and wanted to chase her away but at the present moment, his expression changed.

The lass in front of him looked pretty young but her cultivation had already reach second stage realm and she was at least a fifth grade talent, so she was considerably strong.

Besides that, the way she utilised her Profound Skill was not simple at all. It wasn’t something which ordinary people were able to learn.

This young lady might come from some huge powerhouse.

Towards the genius young lady who had both talent and powerful connections, the examiner naturally wasn’t willing to offend her. So his attitude immediately changed.

“This… this young lady, what’s your name? From which family did you come from? Did you know that our academy’s enrolment period has ended and you’re already late so you’re not able to take part in the examinations?”

When the examiner said these, his tone was stable and calm. Based on his position, he was considered rather modest.

Huang Yueli then let the guards off as she turned towards him and replied in a light tone, “My name is Bai Ruoli and I come from South Yue Kingdom.”