Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 740

Chapter 740 On What Grounds Are You Asking Me ? 1

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“Humpf, I’m not someone who bears grudges!” Master Cheng’s face blushed when he was exposed by his friend as he hurriedly denied the allegation.

Vice Principal Ling then said, “Since she’s Bai Liu Feng’s daughter, then her ability should be almost the same! Based on the contributions during his year in Celestial Light Academy, it’s entirely justified if we enrol her directly, so just pass down the message…..”

“Wait a minute, Vice Principal Ling!”

When Tang Jinhua heard that, he frowned as he hastily cut into the conversation.

“What’s the matter? Master Tang, do you feel that we shouldn’t make an exception? You were in the same cohort as Bai Liu Feng and towards the things that he had done, you should have more or less heard about it. That year, he was, after all…”

Tang Jinhua shook his head and replied, “I don’t mean it in that way. If she’s really Bai Liu Feng’s daughter, then we should directly enrol her. But she probably isn’t…..”

The few of them went into a blank.

“Not her? How could that be possible?”

“Yes, please explain why you think so?”

Tang Jinhua continued, “When Bai Liu Feng’s niece came to enrol, I asked about Bai Liu Feng’s biological daughter. Although she is fourteen years old this year, but she didn’t have any innate talent, and was a cultivation waste. Because of this reason, she didn’t come for the entrance examinations this year along with her cousin. The young lass’s potential is not too bad and although she could not be compared to Bai Liu Feng that year, but surely we cannot considered her to be a waste right?”

When the crowd heard, they gazed at one another as their intense debate had extinguished by a large bit, as though doused by cold water.

“In this case….. after so much time, she isn’t Bai Liu Feng’s daughter?”

“We rejoiced too soon…..”

“But since she came from South Yue Kingdom and also bear the surname Bai, surely she should have some kinship with Bai Liu Feng right?”

“This is hard to say. Even if so, it’s still different from her biological daughter, so if we were to directly enrol her, it would be very difficult to explain…..”

Vice Principal Ling heard everyone’s discussion and after thinking for a moment, he passed a message to someone.

“Since we can’t directly enrol her, but this lass’s innate talent is not bad, so we can still give her a chance. Go pass down my command to give this lass an assessment quota!”


On the public square.

Huang Yueli and the examiner were in a deadlock for quite some time.

She noticed the other party’s hesitation and said, “I know it’s difficult for me to convince everyone if I were to join in at this juncture. Why not we do it this way, you can test me a different set of assessment. Even if the difficulty is much higher than the others, it’s fine as well. In this way it will be fair.”

Examiner looked at her surprisingly.

Most people who took the entrance examinations at Celestial Light Academy were afraid they would not be able to pass but this lass actually asked to raise the bar?

What was wrong with her? Wasn’t she afraid that her standard would be too far apart and embarrassed herself?

“Since that’s the case…..”

The examiner had just agreed to her terms when she saw someone coming down from the stage to pass a message.

The other party whispered a few words by his ear and the examiner gave an astonished expression which followed immediately by his announcement, “Alright, since your attitude is so genuine, then we shall make an exception, so do show us good results in the examinations! The enrolment criteria remains the same as the others!”


The crowd went into an uproar the minute the examiner announced the result.

“How could they do this? They actually permitted her to join in the examinations?”

“Moreover the assessment criteria is the same as the rest! Earlier she suggested to raise the standard but the examiner actually didn’t agree to it?”