Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 741

Chapter 741 On What Grounds Are You Asking Me ? 1

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“What background does she really have? Does she have a strong backer?”

Quite a number of people were dissatisfied with this result.

Just looking at how Huang Yueli defeated those few guards, although she sought the help of Profound Armaments, but to be able to defeat several third stage realm practitioners, not many of those present were able to do so.

Very obviously, she was a tough opponent!

And she would definitely affect everyone’s ranking in the assessment.

Just at this moment, someone jumped out to protest against this, “Mister Examiner, this is unreasonable right? This Miss Bai had obviously missed the enrolment timing! On what justification can she enter the assessment? If you were to make an exception for her, then others would also be able to come and enrol at the very last minute?”

The examiner turned and looked at Huang Yueli when he heard what was said.

“Since letting you take the assessment would be difficult to convince the crowd, what do you think….. we should do?”

The examiner had intentionally said this because Vice Principal Ling had personally sent someone to pass a message to let Huang Yueli attend the assessment.

For someone of Vice Principal Ling’s statue to open his mouth, naturally that person’s face was very big. But that lass was just from some small countryside, so the examiner was filled with puzzlement.

Now that someone was questioning Huang Yueli’s qualification, he didn’t directly settle this issue but threw the problem to Huang Yueli, just to see how much this lass could handle?

Huang Yueli knew the examiner pushed the problem to her. However the problem to any ordinary young lady was a difficult one but to her, it was just chicken feet, not posing any difficulty to her.

In a calm and unhurried manner, she replied, “This is very simple…..”

Huang Yueli stopped for a moment and turned her gaze towards the young man who doubted her, “Since you feel that I don’t have any qualification to join in the assessment, then I shall challenge you! If I am able to defeat you, then you will give up your assessment qualification to me! How about that?”

“Huh? What?” The young man was dumbstruck, not expecting Huang Yueli to be so direct. The minute they didn’t get along, she didn’t hesitate and immediately declared war against him!

Huang Yueli looked at him with a half-smile as she said, “Why? You don’t dare? If you don’t even dare to accept other people’s challenge, then on what grounds do you have to enter Celestial Light Academy? On what grounds ss your doubt against other people? You’d be better off staying at home and being a good boy!”


The crowd starting bursting out in laughter.

The young man’s face flushed red. If he still didn’t accept the challenge, in future when he entered Celestial Light Academy, he would still be laughed at by others, unable to hold up his head!

“Alright! Let’s compete!”

He set his heart across and accepted the challenge.

In actual fact, he was feeling apprehensive. After all, Huang Yueli had made four third stage realm guards lie down on the floor!

But his thoughts raced quickly as he started to think that he was also a genius in his family. He was also able to defeat a normal third stage realm practitioner.

The reason was because ordinary practitioners and those geniuses who really received serious grooming held different cultivation methods and Profound Skills. Even though they were of the same stage, but the difference in potential was very huge.

Huang Yueli could defeat ordinary guards so it means that her skills were outstanding. But he himself came from a prominent background, so he might not be any worse off than that lass!

The both of them agreed on the bet and the public square started to bustle with noise and excitement.

Everyone’s gazes were affixed on the both of them and each and every examinee were very excited.

It was rumoured that competition was intense in Celestial Light Academy and in order to receive any resources or opportunities, it would be via competitions to gain a position! Battles and bets amongst students were very common!

Whoever’s strength was weaker was bound to be bullied.

No one had thought that even before the entrance examinations, they were able to witness their first bet on the spot!