Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 742

Chapter 742 On What Grounds Are You Asking Me ? 3

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When the few VIPs on the stage saw this, they too expressed praises.

“Not only does this lass have a high innate talent, she also has guts and an imposing spirit! The minute she came, she set out a challenge unrestrainedly. Her intention is use her absolute power to shut up the other’s mouths!”

“This….. is really meaningful!”

“The other party who accepted little lass Bai’s challenge seemed to be from the branch division of the Situ family. Situ family is also considered as one of the top ten powerhouses in Sky Cloud City, so even if he’s from the branch division, his potential is also extraordinary.”

Tang Jinhua frowned as he expressed his worries, “Vice Principal Ling, are we really going to let them challenge one another? We don’t know how much potential this lass has and just based on her imposing spirit, it’s just not enough. If she were to lose to the kid from Situ family, then she would have to get out of Celestial Light Academy! Maybe we stop them from challenging each other.”

Vice Principal Ling’s face had a slight smile as he used his hand to fiddle with his beard, laughing replying in an unconcerned manner, “No matter, no matter. Since she’s a descendant from Bai Liu Feng, how could she not even win a bet? Let’s just wait and see!”

On the public square, the examiner had already ushered the examinees to move towards the two sides and leave the space in the middle for the two contenders.

Huang Yueli and the young man each took one side.

The examiner said, “The competition shall start now!”

The young man arrogantly raised his chin and he cupped his hand in greeting and introduced himself, “I am Situ Keqin, Third Young Master from Situ family branch division. The cultivation method I’m most apt in is…..”

“Enough, your introductory is too lengthy. Are you intending to strike or not?”

The young man had yet to complete his sentence when he was interrupted by Huang Yueli.

He went into a blank for quite a while before he opened his eyes wide in disbelief.

“You… you actually… how can you be so impolite?”

When the powerhouses disciples in Sky Cloud City had competitions, they all followed regulations, they must stop moderately, they must be polite, before each battle, the two parties would have an exchange of pleasantries to introduce their background and whatever outstanding skill they had.

For a practitioner like Situ Keqin who came from one of the powerhouses, basically when he bragged about his own position, many practitioners who didn’t have a strong background and were weaker would be afraid. So without him even striking, they would immediately admit defeat themselves.

This round was the same practice.

Situ Keqin had originally intended to show off in front of Huang Yueli, the country bumpkin from a small country around the border, in the hope that she would not dare to provoke him and get out from Celestial Light Academy herself.

But who knew that Huang Yueli couldn’t even be bothered to hear him finish talking and just interrupted him.

Moreover, she spoke with a tone filled with ridicule, as though what he was saying was a joke.

Just as Situ Keqin was feeling embarrassed and angry, Huang Yueli’s soft voice was heard again.

“This competition is not about treating someone to dinner. Did you think that… when you met with the enemy’s attack, others would be willing to hear you talk such a long chunk of rubbish? Since you have no intention to strike, then I… will not stand on ceremony!”

She had already stuck before she completed her sentence.

Situ Keqin could only see a scorching fire ray flash and before he could react, he already felt a dull pain on his chest, scorching heat directly himself in the face!


He hastily worked his Qi to defend but it was too late.

The fire attributed Profound Energy was almighty and was the top three attributed attacks among all the other attributes. As Huang Yueli was the one who displayed her skill, the attack force which she had showed was astonishing!

A fire dragon smacked directly onto Situ Keqin’s *****, sending him flying miles away!