Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 745

Chapter 745 The First Round 2

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Song Yaru’s ultimate goal was to obtain the number one ranking so that she was able to come in first in next year’s Annual Sect’s tournament and officially enter the number one sect in South Sky Region behind Celestial Light Academy – Celestial Light Sect!

To join Celestial Light Sect was something which the other examinees don’t dare to think about but to Song Yaru, it was a goal which she must reach.

The disparity between both parties levels was naked to the eye.

Bai Ruo Qi was able to get acquainted to Song Yaru because of Bai Liu Feng’s reputation. If it wasn’t for the fact that she had an uncle in the eight stage realm, the daughter of a rich and arrogant family like Song Yaru would not bother to talk to Bai Ruo Qi at all!

At the present moment, she merely glanced one eye at Bai Ruo Qi.

“Her power is indeed not weak. Not only had her cultivation reached the last stage of second stage realm, the way she uses her Profound Skill is also well versed. She indeed has the ability to be arrogant!”

Bai Ruo Qi didn’t expect the elegant and powerful Song Yaru would give Huang Yueli such a high evaluation.

Momentarily, her face turned green and white, as though she had been slapped by someone.

“But,” Song Yaru paused for a moment before continuing, “No matter what power she has, it is just enough to compare against these normal examinees. In Sky Cloud City where geniuses gather, various powerhouses have nurtured their peerless geniuses, so even I am not able to be compared against those people, moreover her? Sometimes…. It’s better to remain low-keyed! When the actual assessment comes, she will then understand how much disparity she has from a real genius!”

When Bai Ruo Qi heard this, she couldn’t help but feel overjoyed.

What Song Yaru meant was obvious that she was dissatisfied was how arrogant Huang Yueli was!

Point blank, no matter how powerful this wretched slut was, she would not be able to compete against the peerless genius Song Yaru. It was just because other people cannot be bothered to focus excessively on this only.

By the time of the assessment, when real abilities matters, she could only wait to be defeated!

And so, the first round of assessment started.

“As all of you can see, this row in front here is a total of twelve Strength Testing Stones. Later on, each and every one of you must start from first stone on the left side and using all your power to unleash your attack towards the Strength Testing Stones. You must strike all twelve stones. You’re not allowed to use any Profound Armament. Lastly, the total strength of the twelve Strength Testing Stones would be tallied together and that is everyone’s first round of assessment results.”

The examiner introduced the assessment criteria and immediate announced, “Now everyone please follow according to your number and come up. The assessment starts now!”

The examinees stood in line as each person stepped up and unleashed their attacks towards the Strength Testing Stones.

Huang Yueli looked on in interest.

In her past life when she was adopted by the Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Master, one of the Seven Sacred Lands in Soaring Heavens Continent, she never had to participate in such a low levelled assessment.

It seemed to her that Celestial Light Academy was really worthy of the academy directly affiliated to Celestial Light Sect. The assessment content was rather exquisite.

Using Strength Testing Stones to assess practitioner’s Profound Energy’s strength wasn’t something rare.

The rare part was Celestial Light Academy actually use twelve pieces.

To hit twelve Strength Testing Stones consecutively in one strike was definitely much more difficult than using one’s entire strength to hit one stone.

It’s just because of that, in a spurt of energy, next would become weak and lastly to be exhausted.

To raise one’s standard facing a piece of Strength Testing Stone was not difficult but if one were to use his entire might against the first Strength Testing Stone, then the attack on the next few pieces of Strength Testing Stones would show an obvious drop in strength.