Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 746

Chapter 746 The First Round 3

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So the biggest problem was how to distribute their power evenly onto the twelve pieces of Strength Testing Stones during their strike.

This round of assessment was not just testing the practitioner’s strength of Profound Energy, but also to assess them on the control of their strength and method used.

The first few examinees who took the assessment apparently didn’t understood the deep meaning to this assessment.

Most of them directly used the strongest force they had on the first Strength Testing Stone and had scored the highest mark on it but subsequently the strength went downhill and until the last three pieces, those practitioners had completed relented and could only unleashed ten over jin 1 , even weaker than those ordinary people who were naturally strong.

When the twelve Strength Testing Stones points were added up, the result was much lower than what the examinee had expected.

“H… How did it turn out like this?”

“Mister Examiner, I miscalculated earlier, a miscalculation! The strength that I usually unleash is much higher than this! Please give me another chance and try all over again!”

“Yes, mine is also a miscalculation, please give me another chance!”

Quite a number of them were begging earnestly but the examiner was not touched.

“It was announced earlier that everyone had just one chance! Whether you can grab the opportunity or not depends on yourself! Alright, next batch!”

Bai Ruo Qi was right in the middle of the second batch of examinees. When it was her turn, the corners of her lips curled up slowly into a smile.

“This bunch of blockheads, did they think the Celestial Light Academy’s assessment could be passed so easily by brute force? Fools who don’t use their brains will forever be stepped upon by others!”

She had already knew about the exam question and had practiced in secret. So she knew that in order to get high marks for this question was how to distribute one’s Profound Strength properly!

So she only utilised sixty percent of her strength during her first strike.

The light beam on the Strength Testing Stone stopped in a rather low position.

Examiner reported the figure, “One thousand three hundred jin!”

The surrounding examinees started to turn around and gave her a shocked expression, obviously showing signs of despise at this result.

Those who had taken the assessment earlier had at least scored a two thousand jin of strength and some had even exceeded three thousand jin on the first Strength Testing Stone!

Bai Ruo Qi had actually scored at least two thirds lesser than the lowest score in the earlier batch. What a big difference!

“How can it be that low? Just this bit of standard, she should be in the Qi Profound Realm seven or eight level? How did she even pass the preliminary exam?”

Hearing the whisperings below the stage, Bai Ruo Qi secretly scolded them “morons” in her heart and immediately following that, she continued to strike out her second move!

She continued to adjust the intensity of her Profound Energy and the strength that she struck out had actually became stronger!

The second piece: One thousand four hundred jin! Third piece: One thousand Five hundred jin! Fourth piece: One thousand six hundred jin!


All the way until the seventh piece, Bai Quo Qi had hit a peak of one thousand nine hundred jin but following that, her strength gradually became weaker and her results went downhill from there and until the last piece, she had only managed one thousand jin.

But even so, her total results was still much higher than the those in the previous batch!

When the results was announced, those who had ridiculed her earlier all become dumbstruck.

Even when those VIPs on the stage heard the examiner reported the results, they also took another look at Bai Ruo Qi.

“This young lady is the person whom you said was Bai Liu Feng’s niece? Although her innate talent is slightly off, but the ability to change according to situation is very outstanding!” An elderly practitioner said while fiddling with his beard.