Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 747

Chapter 747 The First Round 4

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“Isn’t that so? Looks like this lass’s power of understanding isn’t too bad after all!”

“Although innate talent is important in the art of cultivation but that meant advancement in the early stages would be much faster. Moreover, we can use pills to change the body constitution. But towards the advanced stage, comprehension becomes the main key! Without the power to comprehend, the best innate talent would be wasted. This Bai Ruo Qi is a rough diamond!”

The few elders had not expected Bai Ruo Qi to know the assessment content in advance and had mistaken that she had really thought of a way to evenly distribute out her Profound Energy in such a short time, so they saw her in new light.

Although it was rare to find a genius with a great innate talent, but a genius with such great comprehension was even rarer!

Even Vice Principal Ling also added, “This lass’s comprehension is really extraordinary but it’s such a waste for her innate talent to be only at fourth grade lower level…. Sigh! Otherwise we can directly admit her to be a core student! For now, just give her a prospective core student qualification and after one year has passed, we’ll check on her performance again!”

Saying that was equivalent to have pre-elected Bai Ruo Qi.

When the examiner heard Vice Principal Ling’s message, he immediately announced at the public square.

Instantly, everyone looked upon Bai Ruo Qi with envy and jealousy as the crowd bustled, all discussing about her.

“My heavens, Bai Ruo Qi is actually pre-elected to become a prospective core student!”

“Yes, based on what? I have already realised the concept that this assessment cannot be completed with just brute force but to use a certain technique. Her number’s just slightly ahead of me so she got the chance to show off!”

“That’s right, why have all the advantages been taken by her?”

Even though they were imbalanced, but the others were only discussing in secret and no one dared to voice out their objections.

Bai Ruo Qi naturally could not help smiling as she accepted the crowd’s envious gaze, feeling delightful in her heart.

This was the result she wanted!

After she found out about the assessment contents, she had tried several times and was unable to hit the highest score. So subsequently she sought Imperial Tutor’s advice who helped her to devise a method to evenly distribute her Profound Energy so that she was able to display this skill during the official assessment, to make everyone in awe of her ability!

But these information was something that she could never ever speak out.

Bai Ruo Qi smiled as she turned her gaze towards Huang Yueli. Instantly, she froze.

Bai Ruo Qi had thought that she had performed well and had suppressed Huang Yueli’s earlier limelight and she would be very angry and envious.

But in actual fact, Huang Yueli’s face remained calm, not even bothering to take a look at her.

“What’s there to pretend!” Bai Ruo Qi clenched her teeth silently, “I’m going to see how much strength you are able to unleash and if you have any way to surpass me!”

The assessment continued to proceed.

With Bai Quo Qi as a precedent, all the examinees behind her tried preserving a portion of their power and it was only when they were striking the last few pieces of Strength Testing Stones when they gradually increased their strength.

But unfortunately, as they had not pre-practised, they were uncertain how much strength was most suitable. Towards the end of the assessment, the results that they had were incomparable to Bai Ruo Qi.

In this way, it set off Bai Ruo Qi’s comprehension as being much higher than most people, so those who were doubting her capability reduced by quite a number.

Bai Ruo Qi was joyfully satisfied, completely unable to control her smiling face.

“Number ninety five: Song Yaru!”

Just at this moment, the examiner on the stage called out Song Yaru’s name.