Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 748

Chapter 748 The First Round 5

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This time, everyone’s eyes were set on Song Yaru.

As compared to the newcomer Bai Ruo Qi, Song Yaru was the real genius who was the focus of everyone’s attention. The minute she appeared, no one bothered about Bai Ruo Qi.

She walked lightly to the front of the Strength Testing Stone as her expression was solemn and after she had gathered her concentration, she struck out!

“Four thousand jin!”

When the result of the first testing stone was displayed, everyone gasped!

Four thousand jin! Before Song Yaru, those who used all their strength on the first Strength Testing Stone only managed to hit out a maximum of three thousand jin! But after everyone started to restrict their Profound Energy, even two thousand jin was already considered a high figure!

But Song Yaru had easily hit out four thousand jin!

And she obviously hadn’t exerted all of her strength.

Immediately following that, Song Yaru continued to strike and the results of the remaining few Strength Testing Stones were climbing uphill.

Four thousand one hundred jin, four thousand two hundred jin…. Five thousand jin!

At the tenth Strength Testing Stone, Song Yaru actually broke through to five thousand jin of strength. It was until the last two stones where her strength weakened but even at the last piece, she managed a three thousand five hundred jin!

By the time Song Yaru finished, the entire public square was dead silent.

Originally the focus of the crowd was Bai Ruo Qi with outstanding comprehension who had dog poop luck, but now who could still remember who was Bai Ruo Qi?

Under the absolute power to crush anyone, whatever technique had already became a passing cloud!

The elders on the stage couldn’t stop but praised her in admiration.

“Song Yaru is really worthy of the Song family. Just look at her cultivation, she should had already reached second stage realm seven stage and above! Besides that, her power of comprehension is way higher than Bai Ruo Qi. The layering effect of Profound Energy consistently continued until the tenth Strength Testing Stone!”

“I must congratulate Vice Principal Ling. Song Yaru is the most likely candidate who will be able to join Celestial Light Sect and by then Vice Principal Ling would have contributed a great merit once again!”

The most important mission for Celestial Light Academy was to attract and nurture young geniuses with great innate talents for Celestial Light Sect. If they were able to attract outstanding geniuses, to the principals, it would be considered as an outstanding merit and would be given a large amount of reward from the Sect.

Vice Principal was all smiles, “This batch… the most outstanding would be Song Yaru, so hopefully she won’t disappoint me in future!”

When Song Yaru got off the stage, she casually cast a glance at Bai Ruo Qi.

Bai Ruo Qi didn’t dare to meet her gaze and subconsciously lowered her head.

She too knew that Song Yaru despised her but in front of this genius, what else could she say? Originally, she had never expected herself to outshine Song Yaru.

With Song Yaru’s astonishing performance, the other’s assessment results were just too ordinary.

Anyway, no matter how powerful they were, they would not be able to defeat her!

And there probably wouldn’t be another one who had such good luck like Bai Ruo Qi.

So, it was a long wait before it was finally Huang Yueli’s turn.

“Number one hundred and fifty seven: Bai Ruoli!”

When the examiner reported this name, those who were already half asleep suddenly regained some energy.

Earlier, Huang Yueli had continuously defeated a few third stage realm guards and using just one strike, she defeated the promising Sity Keqin who was thought to be the top ten ranking, so everyone had various expectations on her power.

Although she didn’t believe that she could outshone Song Yaru, but she was after all a black horse who came out from nowhere.

Everyone was curious on how much potential she had.