Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 75

Chapter 75 The Concealed Hidden Technique
Chapter 75 The concealed Hidden Technique

But over the years, no one maintained the courtyard and some lines had been eroded away. The formation was unable to display its full ability.

Originally, she felt that something was off. She did not understand why Bai Liu Feng laid down a formation in this location. But she was reminded by Bai Liu Jings words and the truth appeared.

Bai Liu Feng definitely hid something in this back courtyard, something that he did not want others to find out.

This formation was something created by a Formation Master who was at the Fifth Tier or higher. With South Yues cultivation quality, there was no one who would be able to break this.

Because many high-leveled profound tools could assist Armament Refiners to be promoted, many would study various formations and works.

In her past life, Huang Yue Li also studied formations. So she was able to see through this mysterious array.

The reason why she made people smash the yard, was not because she had too much money. But she wanted to clear all obstacles in different directions, revealing the array in its entirety.

Formations required a very high technical skill. You needed large amounts of precise calculation and excellent control, in order to align with the profound qi within the heavens and creating their own laws. The creation of every single small stroke and line, all relied on the Formation Masters spirit power.

Consequently, a Formation Masters cultivation talent may be average, but they were all first-class geniuses in spiritual power.

Taking the time to burn a stick of incense, Huang Yue Li suddenly opened her eyes.

In her eyes, a flash of light swept through.

Immediately, she walked straight towards the direction of the study.

There, was the eye of the formation.

If other Formation Masters were to learn that it took her such a short time to crack a Fifth Tiered Formation Masters work, they would not believe their eyes.

However in this yard, no one was so knowledgeable.

In fact, everyone else thought that Huang Yue Li was in a midst of a crazy fit.

When Huang Yue Li moved, Cai Wei rushed over. Crying out: Third Young Miss, where are you going to? You, you..are you right? Not sick? Feverish? Is your head dizzy? This servant will go find a doctor..

Huang Yue Li shook her head: Im going to stay in the study for a while. You go and find some people to tidy up the courtyard. Do not come to bother me.

But..but, Third Young Miss.. if you are sick, you must treat it ah!

However, Huang Yue Li did not wait for her to finish. With a bang, the door to the study slammed shut.

Isolated from the outside world, Huang Yue Li started to calculate everything in her head again. She walked to side, towards the studys wall.

The wall looked old and some of the painted areas had begun to crack.

Huang Yue Lis pale fingers gently touched the wall a few times.

Suddenly, only hearing a whoosh whoosh sound several times, the side of the bookcase opened from the middle. It revealed a dark space hidden behind.

Inside the dark space, quietly lay a small mahogany box.

Huang Yue Lis eyes of a brightened, That hidden formation really did hide something. It was this thing! I didnt guess incorrectly!

She carefully checked the dark space. Convinced that there were no other mechanisms or hidden triggers, she carefully pulled the box out and placed it on the table.

The box was particularly small, about as big as two palms.

Huang Yue Li faced towards the sunlight. Observing, she found that the boxs four sides fitted seamlessly into each other. Like a complete piece of wood, with no seams or key holes.

As a master Armament Refiner, she was very clear that this box was a superior quality Profound Armament. And it needed a special method to open it.