Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 750

Chapter 750 Assessment Ranking

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On the stage, the few people’s gazes turned sinister as they had already seen through Huang Yueli’s uncommon trait.

“Th… this lass’s result, why does it make me feel it’s so unrealistic? Is it my misperception?” Tang Jinhua creased his brows, feeling that something was amiss.

“Your feeling is correct, this lass….. didn’t put in her entire effort!”

“Correct, the first piece of Strength Testing Stone was three thousand jin, second piece was three thousand jin…. All the way till twelve piece, it was still three thousand jin. How could there be no variations in the Profound Energy in every single piece? Who was she trying to fool?”

“It only states an obvious fact: three thousand jin to her, not only was it not her entire strength, it’s probably not even thirty percent of her strength so she just casually struck out with no effort at all! Moreover, to have struck out continuously twelve times at such a fast pace and yet maintaining the same strength, the control over her Profound Energy has already been practiced to perfection!”

After the few elderly analysed the situation, they nodded their heads as they could see each other’s praises for Huang Yueli in their eyes.

Tang Jinhua was dumbstruck, “But… you mean to say it’s possible? The fluctuation of the lass’s Profound Energy was only at second stage realm. But according to what you say, if three thousand jin was not even thirty percent of her strength, then her total Profound Energy should probably have exceeded ten thousand jin and that is something that only third stage realm practitioners can achieve!”

“According to common sense, it cannot happen naturally. But if she’s the biological daughter of Bai Liu Feng, then I feel… this is not rare. After all, Bai Liu Feng had achieved even more ridiculous things that year.”

“That’s right. Look at the lass’s countenance, she really bears some resemblance to that stinky kid…..”

The few of them started to make guesses.

Tang Jinhua still retained a face of disbelief, “I told you all already, Bai Lu Feng’s daughter is a cultivation trash, and she…. is definitely not! Stop making wild guesses!”

Vice Principal Ling fiddled with his beard as he beamed, “Then let’s wait for the result of the next two assessments! Even if she’s not Bai Liu Feng’s daughter, just based on her earlier performance, perhaps…. her potential is much higher than Song Yaru!”


The first round of assessment came to an end and very quickly, the ranking results were posted and was pasted on an eye-grabbing piece of huge rock at the public square.

Huang Yueli took a look. Song Yaru had well-deservedly gotten first place while she was ranked sixth. But Bai Ruo Qi had obtained an unbelievably low ranking – placed forty eighth.

The reason for Celestial Light Academy to post the results out was a method of motivation to let everyone see how they ranked against their competitors which made everyone increased their sense of crisis and competitive awareness.

As expected, many examinees who were lowly ranked were filled with a sense of crisis as their expressions congealed.

They had consciously felt that they were already on the verge of life and death and if they didn’t try their best in the next round, they would be eliminated.

“I believe everyone had already seen your own ranking in the first round of assessment. This ranking is only momentarily as the next two rounds of assessment would increase in difficulty, so it would be much more difficult to obtain higher marks. Therefore, even if you are ranked in the top few, you shouldn’t lower your guard!”

The examiner said some words of encouragement as he hurriedly entered the main topic.

“Next, we’ll be starting the second round of assessment.”

“Everyone please look towards the back of the right side.”

Everyone turned and looked towards the direction where the examiner had pointed.