Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 751

Chapter 751 Extremely Thrilling 1

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Celestial Light Academy was built right beside an Spiritual Artery which had an abundance of Profound Energy.

The public square at the entrance of the school is sitting on the lap of the mountain and the four corners were surrounded by mountains.

On the right rear end of the public square, two tall mountains sat opposite each other and in between was an approximate distance of three hundred meters. The two mountains were linked together by a thick steel cable.

The examiner said, “Do everyone see that steel chain in between the mountains? The second assessment’s requirements is for everyone to pass through the steel cable in succession from the left side of this mountain to the right side of that mountain. The shorter the amount of time used, the higher your marks will be!”

Hearing that, many of them heaved a sigh of relief.

Treading on that tiny chain of steel cable over the cliff was possibly terrifying for ordinary people and a very thrilling matter. But to practitioners, that steel cable bridge wasn’t considered too difficult.

So the main question now was how to unleash their fastest speed to reach the other side of the mountain.

Upon seeing the crowd’s relaxed expressions, the examiner coughed slightly and continued, “I have to remind everyone that this steel cable bridge isn’t as simple as all of you think. This steel cable…. is one of the official training grounds that Celestial Light Academy official students train in, and the difficulty is very high.”

All of them went into a blank.

“The Array Masters from our academy had personally drawn up some array patterns on the cable. The minute you step on the steel cables, these array patterns will be activated and around the cable surroundings will appear a fixed number of arrows repeatedly shuttling around the vicinity of the cable path. Once you’ve been struck by the arrow, a large amount of points will be deducted. If you’re so unlucky to be struck off and fall into the bottom of the cliff, then your examination qualification would be cancelled – and this round’s assessment will directly be cleared to zero!”

“Directly cleared to zero?”

“And we’ll be struck off and fall to the bottom of the cliff?”

When they heard the examiner’s detailed explanation, everyone finally realised the difficulty of this assessment and they drew in a cold breathe.

The cliff looked like it was a few hundred meters in depth. If one were to look downwards, one would not be able to see the bottom, so they do not know what was lurking below…..

Even if they were practitioners and their bodies were well built and tough, but to fall into the cliff would be unbearable.

Moreover, Celestial Light Academy’s official students were almost all second stage realm practitioners and many were in third and fourth stage realm. For the arrows to be able to strike them off the cliff…. The force was imaginable.

If they were unfortunately struck, then the injury would probably not be light.

“But as this is everyone’s first time taking this assessment, so I’ve already reduced the quantity of the arrows to the lowest limit possible to a total of twelve arrows. Other than that, for fairness sake, the first ten examinees who take part in the assessment would have increased points awarded, so everyone can voluntarily volunteer yourself.”

Silence filled the public square.

At this point, everyone hesitated not knowing if they should volunteer or not.

It was clear to see from the first round of assessment that those who joined in first would be disadvantaged as those hiding behind would be able to learn from their experiences.

But the examiner also said that those who volunteered first would have additional points…..

The examiner saw that no one volunteered and said, “If no one is willing to volunteer, then I will draw lots. But those who are drawn would not have any additional points!”

“Let me have a go!”

A lean built youth walked out.

“It’s Lu family’s Seventh Young Master, Lu Zicheng. In the first round of assessment, he ranked seventeenth!”

“Oh, it’s him. Lu Zicheng’s power is indeed strong and his cultivation among the examinees is one of the tops. Earlier he had suffered because of his inexperience and miscalculated which is why his ranking is so far back!”