Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 752

Chapter 752 Extremely Thrilling 2

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A gloomy expression hung on Lu Zicheng’s face with a sense of non-contentment.

Earlier in that first round of assessment, his number was placed rather forward and had not realised the hidden trap in that examination question so he used all his might on the first Strength Testing Stone and obtained a total of three thousand seven hundred jin of strength.

But who knew that to continuously unleash so much power, his condition deteriorated towards the end and his final result was only a seventeenth rank.

This, to Lu Zicheng was the greatest insult yet.

He was aiming for the top five ranking and if he were to get a ranking of ten and below, then he was unable to give an answer to his family’s elders!

So this time upon hearing the examiner say that the first few people who volunteered had additional points, he was the first to stand out.

In the first round, the twelve Strength Testing Stones from Celestial Light Academy was said to have dealt everyone with an unprepared hand.

But there was nothing special about this second round.

There were many large families who designed and built steel cables across the river and was considered as a popular form of training method in the South Sky Region. Only the array pattern inscribed were somewhat different for each family, the other parts were almost the same.

At this point, to those disciples in the large families, this round was of no difficulty at all.

Very soon, Lu Zicheng confidently stood at the starting point.


The examiner shouted the command to start and his figure went speeding off. His foot slightly touched the steel cable and had already jumped a few meters of distance.

At this moment, the steel cable gave out a glaring blue ray, the array pattern… had been activated!

Lu Zicheng’s speed was extremely fast but at the same time when he increased his pace, his attention was also concentrated as he focused on defending against the changes outside.

After running for around one sixth of the distance, a swishing sound could be heard ahead of him. Four sharp arrows came flying tumultuously towards him, sending vibrations in mid-air.

Lu Zicheng had long prepared himself as he leaned to one side and avoided the arrows.

At the same time, he had already ran a huge distance away.

Four arrows reached his back and suddenly turned its’ directions. In mid-air, it split into two and in a split second, it turned into eight arrows and had distributed itself into the top, middle and bottom routes, attacking from his back at a flying speed!

This time, the arrows speed had increased a notch!

Lu Zicheng had his share of experience and when he heard the breaking sound from his back, he immediately realised that the arrows had turned back and he hastily avoided it.

His feet kept swaying and he almost fell off the cliff but eventually he forcefully stabled himself. However, he was not able to avoid the last arrow as his right shoulder was grazed badly and blood flowed.



The crowd below the mountain who raised their heads to look gave out exclaimed loudly.

The speed and might of the arrow on the steel cable was much faster than any of their imagination. The attack positions were also very artful and those who were weaker in their movements were possibly not able to avoid it at all.

“That is just too terrifying. Earlier if those eight arrows were to simultaneously attack me from behind, I’ll definitely not be able to avoid it at all!”

“Lu Zicheng is really good, he actually managed to pass such a thrilling test!”

“Yes, he’s now just a ten over meters from the ending point! With his speed, he should be able to reach in three breaths time! His speed is much faster than me by several times, and since he’s the first contender to take the assessment, there would be additional marks. This time round, his ranking will probably raise by a large margin!”